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Q: Which famous explorer thought the world was round?
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What explorer discover that the world is round?

amerigo vespuca

Who thought that the world is round?

Christopher Coloumas

What was sir fransis drake famous for?

Helping defeat the Spanish Armada, the Spanish thought he was a pirate, and he was an explorer. He was the first Englishman to sailing around the world.

Who proved the world was round?

The Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, accompanied by the Spanish fleet, was the first to circumnavigate the world and prove that the world was round.

Where did christopher cloumbus explorer?

All around the world to prove it was round

Which explorer went round the world in 1577?

Sir Francis Drake.

What were Christopher Columbus' greatest achievements?

Christopher Columbus was a famous explorer. His achievements included the discovery of The America's and proving that the world was round; not flat as scientists had believed.

When did you find out the world was round?

many years ago........ there was an argument that the world might be round but most people still thought it was round!! But now scientists believe that the world is round!

For which famous explorer was the new world named?

Amerigo Vespucci

Ferdinand Magellan is famous for being the first person to what the earth?

Ferdinand Magellan is famous for being the first person to sail around the world. Magellan was an explorer who wanted to circumnavigate the world for one primary reason. This was, of course, to show the world that the planet was indeed round.

What three accomplishments is Magellan famous for?

Magellan was a Portugese explorer who is thought to be the 1st person to sail around world via the stormy southern tip of south America.

Who proved that the world was round not flat?

The Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan ,and the Spanish ships, where the first to complete the first voyage around the world and prove that the world was round.

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