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The Environmental Protection Agency, The Army Corps of Engineers and The Coast Guard. There are probably others depending on the situation.

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What office investigates crimes against a federal agency or improperillegal practice?

Question needs to be more specific. There are several federal law enforcement agencies that could be involved depending on the crime and the agency.

Who investigates crimes?

Your local law enforcement agency (whoever that may be) will usually be the initial investigating agency.

What act enabled the FBI to investigate traitors?

There is no such "Act." The Federal Bureau of Investigation investigates crimes against the United States - therefore THEY are the logical and the only law enforcement agency that COULD investigate Treason.

What federal agency is primarily responsible for battling computer crimes?


Someone who investigates crimes?

Forensics is the science of investigating crimes.

How are the FBI and DEA different?

the FBI has to do with federal crimes and the dea is the drug enforcement agency which deals with drug related crimes

Who investigates crimes for the justice department?

The FBI is the department that investigates all crimes for the Justice Department. Both departments are headquartered in Washington, D. C.

What does a csi agent do?

a CSI agent investigates crimes

Which law enforcement agencies investigates federal crimes occurring in several states?

Depending on what kind of a crime it is, several U.S. Departments may have enforcement responsibilities. The majority of federal crimes are handled by the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Who is the current chairman of the EFCC?

The EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) is a Nigerian law enforcement agency that investigates financial crimes such as advance fee fraud (419 fraud) and money laundering. The current Executive Chairman is Farida Mzamber Waziri.

What do you call a person who investigates crimes?

csi...crime scene investigator

What is a 9 letter word for One who investigates crimes that ends with r?


What do FBI agents do?

An FBI agent is a special task force of the Federal Bureau of Investigation that is much larger in police department in terms of funds and resources. It usually investigates federal crimes, takes place in multiple states, and speaks with the witnesses.

Why aren't the police concerned with environmental crimes such as pollution?

Check out the Chicago Water Reclamation District Police. They already have enough work to do. Such as dealing with criminals, rapist, murder suspects and other issues. I think that the government should have a team designed just for enviromental crimes. * There is a team - The Environmental Protection Agency. It has almost unchecked authority to make and enforce regulations. The rules and regulations regarding environmental pollution are almost all Federal. As such the Federal authorities enforce them, rather than local or state law enforcement. That is not to say that they would ignore such things, but they are not on the top of the priority list.

Four kinds of federal crimes?

The four kinds of federal crimes include crimes against the law of nations, treason, counterfeiting and piracy. All of these federal crimes are listed in the US Constitution.

What crimes did you do to go to Alcatraz?

Federal crimes.

What federal law enforcement agency has unlimited jurisdiction?

No federal agency has unlimited jurisdiction.Added: The above answer, as a 'blanket' response to the question, may be correct.HOWEVER - There ARE certain federal law enforcement agencies whose jurisdictions ARE unlimited when pertaining to specifc federal crimes. The question needs to be clarified or limited to a specific area.

Who investigates crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence?

forensic science technicians.

Federal crimes are tried in what court?

Generally, federal crimes are tried in US District Court.

How many crimes are punishable by death under federal laws?

60 Crimes are punishable under federal law.

What does dejective mean?

There is no such word as dejective. I assume you mean detective. A detective is a police officer that investigates crimes.

Who issues pardon?

Presidents for Federal crimes, governors for state crimes.

What branch can pardon people convicted of federal crimes?

the executive branch (the president) can pardon people convicted of federal crimes.

What are the president powers when it comes to federal crimes?

The President has the power to pardon those who are convicted or even accused of federal crimes.

What does the PROTECT act strengthen the ability to do?

It Prevents, Investigates, Prosecutes and punishes violent crimes committed against children.