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There are enough coal reserves to last for hundreds of years, because it is not currently used for the many purposes that oil is used for (fuels, lubricants, plastics) or that natural gas is used for (heating, power, fertilizer).

Advances may make it possible to efficiently utilize coal gas to replace some uses of oil and natural gas.

There is an even greater abundance of petroleum trapped in rock (oil shale) and tar sands, but these are sources that are not currently cost or energy effective.

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Q: Which fossil fuel is likely to run out last?
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What are fossil fuels and which one will run out first?

Fossil fuels are organic materials used for burning to produce energy. It is false that oil is the fossil fuel that will run out first. It is believed that coal will be the first fossil fuel to run out.

When will fossil fuel reserves run out?


Which fossil fuel is most likely to be used up first?

At present consumption rates, oil and natural gas will run out first.

What kind of fuel do you run in a snowmobile?

fossil fuels

Why is coal called the fossil fuel?

Because it will run out someday

What fossil fuel could run out in the next 100 years?


What happens if you put fossil fuel in a car?

petrol and diesel are fossil fuels so if you put fossil fuels in your car it should run

Why are fossil fuels likely to run out in your lifetime?

because they are nonrenewable substances

What do fossil fuel free cars use for power?

They can run on renewable electricity.They can run on hydrogen.They can run on fuel cells generating electricity using a renewable biofuel.They can run on biodiesel or a similar biofuel.

What if fossil fuels was never invented?

Fossil fuels weren't invented, they simply exist, fossil fuel is just that, decayed/fossilized matter from thousands of millions of years ago, we just refine the fuel. And if we had never discovered the fossil fuels, more likely than not we would only be using electricity for things such as cars, heating, and other such things that use these fossil fuels. Or perhaps they would all run on ethanol (a..sort of wast product of corn) So, if fossil fuels were never discovered our lives would very likely be much the same as they are today, but, well, less polluted.

What types of transportation use fossil fuels?

Every type of transportation we have uses some form of fossil fuel either to run it or build it.

Is there a car that runs on only fossil fuels?

Gasoline and ordinary diesel fuel are both fossil fuels, so almost all cars run only on fossil fuels.