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Q: Which functional group does not contain oxygen amine alcohol ester ketone?
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What is a functional group of a ketone?


What classification of alcohol undergoes oxidation to yield a ketone?

A secondary alcohol undergoes oxidation to yield a ketone; a primary alcohol forms an aldehyde instead, and a tertiary alcohol usually does not form either a ketone or an alcohol, because the carbon having the OH group in a tertiary alcohol already has three bonds to other carbon atoms and therefore cannot form a double bond to oxygen without more extensive breaking of other bonds in the tertiary alcohol.

How is alcohol different from alcanes and alkenes?

Alcohol molecules contain at least one oxygen atom each, while alkanes and alkenes contain no oxygen.

Which of these functional groups does not contain a carbon oxygen double bond?

Phosphate group.

What parts of organic molecules contain oxygen nitrogen and phosphorus?

Functional Group

What is organik chemistry?

Organic chemistry is the study and analysis of Chemistry involving chains composed of carbon. Such types of chains include: Alkanes, Alkenes, Alkynes, Ketones, Ethers, Alcohols, Esthers, etc.. All of these chains contain the element Carbon but they are characterized differently due to the presence of different functional groups, for example: The functional group of a Ketone is a double bond to an Oxygen.

What elements are in methyl alcohol?

Methyl alcohol, or methanol, has the formula CH4O, or CH3OH. It contains the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The functional group that makes it an alcohol is the -OH group.

A compound contains hydroxyl groups as its predominant functional group what is true concerning this compound?

The hydroxyl group is polar due to the oxygen, resulting in high solubility in water.

What compounds contain Hydrogen Oxygen and Carbon?

Any alcohol would contain these 3 elements.

Do protein molecules contain oxygen carbon and nitrogen?

yes as proteins are made of amino acids which contain an amine functional group (Nh2)

Is CH3CH2CH2OH alkane?

No, it is an alcohol, specifically propanol. Alkanes only contain hydrogen and oxygen.

Does the functional group hydroxyl contain nitrogen?

No. A hydroxyl group consists of an oxygen bonded to a hydrogen (-OH). A single hydroxyl group on an alkyl chain characterizes the alcohol family of organic compounds (i.e. ethanol: CH3CH2OH).