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A:If there is any accurate depiction of Jesus among the gospels, this would necessarily be in Mark's Gospel. True, the Gospels of Matthew and Luke are traditionally attributed to the disciples Matthew and John, eyewitnesses to the life and mission of Jesus, but biblical scholars say that the four New Testament gospels were all written anonyomously and only attributed to the apostles whose names they now bear later in the second century. They say that none of the gospels could have really been written by an eyewitness to the events portrayed.

As the gospels began to be studied by the Church Fathers, they recognised a literary dependency among the synoptic gospels, such that two of them must have been copied from the third, and came to the conclusion that Mark and Luke were copied from Matthew. The Church Fathers came close in their assumption, but biblical scholars now know that Mark's Gospel was the first New Testament gospel to be written, approximately 70 CE. Matthewand Luke were subsequent copies from Mark. The gospel now known as John's Gospel was also inspired by Luke's Gospel, with a small amount of material taken direct from Mark. Thus, the further removed from the original Gospel of Mark, the less accurately it depicts Jesus.

This leaves us to establish, as far as possible, how accurate the depiction of Jesus is in Mark's Gospel, and there is a surprising range of views as to the sources for this gospel. Raymond E. Brown (An Introduction to the New Testament) says that Mark seems to depend on traditions (and perhaps already shaped sources) received in Greek. Parallels have been detected between Mark and Paul's letter to the Romans and 1 Corinthians. It could be that Mark's author wove his gospel around various key people (principally James, Peter and John) and key events that he found in Paul's epistles. Dennis R. MacDonald (The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark) also sees close parallels between the Gospel and Homers epics, which he believes Mark's author used as sources for many gospel passages. Certainly, the sophisticated chiastic structure of the Gospel means it could not have been a literal history of the life and mission of Jesus.

We can rule out the nativity accounts in Matthew and Luke, which biblical scholars regards as literary inventions. We can also rule out the four different depictions of the empty tomb and the appearances of the risen Jesus. Mark's Gospel originally ended at verse 16:8 with the young man telling the women that he is risen and they fled in terror, telling no one. The 'Long Ending' was added much later, after the other gospels had been written.

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Q: Which gospel is the most accurate depiction of Jesus?
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Which gospel has the most direct quotations of Jesus?

The Gospel of St.Mark

Which gospel tells us the most about Jesus?

The gospels of John and Luke tell us the most of Jesus.

What subject did Jesus talk about the most?

In the gospel narratives, the topic Jesus spoke of most frequently was the Kingdom of God.

In Mark's Gospel what does Jesus do as a human?

In Mark's gospel while Jesus was a Human, the most important thing he did was bear witness to the Truth about his Father and God's Kingdom.

What parables did Jesus preach in Luke Gospel?

The most famous parable in the gospel of Luke was The Prodigals Son.

Which gospel was written to everyone?

All four of them, but the most incisive is the Gospel of John, which is now a film of the same name and is as accurate an account of that Gospel as ever filmed.

Where did Jesus go to proclaim the gospel of God?

Jesus devoted most of His earthly ministry to Galilee.

Who knows exactly what happen to Judas when he died?

Presumably his buddy Jesus does. If you're referring to the fact that the Gospel accounts differ somewhat in the details... well, yes they do, and today we're not sure which is the most accurate.

What Christmas songs are not considered gospel songs?

Most Christmas songs are considered to be gospel due to the fact that Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day. Most people that are not of christian religion to do celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, therefore, they do not celebrate the Christmas holiday.

Which gospel has the best overview of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

A:John's Gospel is probably the most spiritual gospel. Luke's Gospel attempts to put the life of Jesus in a historical perspective and is also more concerned with the central message of helping the poor. More than any of the others, Matthew's Gospel seeks to demonstrate that the Old Testament was fulfilled in Jesus. Mark's Gospel is not only the shortest New Testament gospel, it is als the original gospel on which the others were either directly (Matthew, Luke) or indirectly (John) based. Whether or not it offers the best overview, Mark ought to be the gospel that is closest to the real Jesus of Nazareth.

What do Christians believe about the birth of Jesus?

AnswerThe oldest gospel, Mark's Gospel, does not mention the circumstances of Jesus' birth. However, Matthew's Gospel and Luke's Gospel, both of which are otherwise largely based on Mark's Gospel, say that Jesus was born of a virgin during the reign of King Herod the Great. Matthew's Gospel says that magi, or "wise men", alerted Herod to the birth of Jesus. In Matthew's Gospel, Joseph and Mary took Jesus to Egypt until after Herod's death, then returnned to Judea and decided to migrate to Galilee. There is no mention of the magi or of the flight to Egypt in Luke's Gospel, instead Joseph and Mary came from Galilee to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, were greeted by shepherds who had been alerted to the birth of Jesus by angels, then returned peacefully to Galilee.Modern Christians manage to believe in most of what is found in Matthew's Gospel and Luke's Gospel. They believe that Joseph and the virgin Mary came from Galilee to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born and greeted by both the magi and the shepherds, then fled to Egypt. After the death of Herod the Great, they returned to Galilee.

Where in the Bible is Jesus mentioned the most?

Jesus is mentioned the most in the Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Of the gospel books -- the name of Jesus is mentioned in the book of John more than another other book.

What did Jesus tell the disiples to do?

Their job was to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. That was their most important work for the rest of their days on earth.

What sayings of Jesus was made on the cross?

There are a number of sayings of Jesus from the cross, and most of them are written in the Gospel of John, chapter 19, if you care to read them.

What chapter of the bible have Jesus mentioned most?

In the gospel of John, the eleventh chapter, the name of Jesus appears twenty four times, the most of any chapter in the Bible. It is interesting to note that the book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ (full title), also written by John and about the same size as the gospel of John only mentions the name of Jesus fourteen times in the entire book.

Who wrote about Jesus as the son of God?

The Apostle John the most although all the Gospel state it.

Was the death of Jesus the most important event recorded in Mark's Gospel?

AnswerNo. From a theological point of view, the transfiguration of Jesus was the most important event in Mark's Gospel.The original version of Mark's Gospel had no resurrection appearances of the risen Jesus, the "long ending" (verses 16:9-20) not appearing in the early manuscripts. Without any proof of the resurrection of Jesus, the best evidence that the author of Mark could provide for the special mission of Jesus was the transfiguration. In this, the disciples saw Jesus change his appearance while he talked to Moses and Elijah, and heard the voice of God proclaim Jesus to be his Son.

What two different insights were given to us about Jesus?

------------------------ Luke's Gospel tells us that Jesus was most concerned about the poor. John's Gospel tells us that many of Jesus' best friends were among the rich and powerful, and that he reserved his best miracles for these rich friends.

What are the words in gospel songs about?

Gospel comes from the phrase "Good News." It is centered about the death, burial and most importantly the ressurection of Jesus and the hope of all who follow Him to join in that ressurection.

What happens in the gospel of luke?

Luke tells of parables in the gospel of Luke, the family tree of Jesus, only Matthew and Luke have it.The most famous parable is The Prodigal Son.

Which disciple did Jesus like the most?

In Matthew's Gospel, Peter was the disciple whom Jesus liked the most. For example, he granted Peter the power to walk on water and told Peter that he was the rock on which he would build his church. In John's Gospel, there is another disciple, "whom Jesus loved." This disciple certainly was not Peter, in fact the Gospel several times compares the unknown disciple favourably against Peter. Later in the second century, the Church Fathers noticed that the apostle John was never mentioned by name in this Gospel, so therefore John must be the disciple whom Jesus loved.

What gospel shows that Jesus thought of everyone as equal?

This is a theme in all 4 Gospels but it is most clearly displayed in Jesus's treatment of the outcasts and women that is highlighted by Luke.

Who wrote the gospel that was focused on Jesus' miracles?

All the New Testament gospels were originally anonymous, until the second-century Church Fathers decided who they felt was most likely to have written each gospel. Modern biblical scholars say these speculative attributions are unlikely to represent the actual authors.Mark's Gospel, the first New Testament gospel to be written, introduced many of Jesus' miracles to us, but we do not know who wrote this gospel.Matthew's Gospel was largely based on Mark's Gospel, and so includes most of the miracles of Mark, as well as adding some spectacular further miracles such as the graves opening and the dead bodies rising and walking into Jerusalem. As with Mark's Gospel, we do not know who wrote this gospel.John's Gospel has some of the most well known miracles of Jesus, including water into wine, and raising Lazarus but, once again, we do not know who wrote this gospel.

Was Jesus really who they say he was?

Whether Jesus was really who they say he was can only be answered by faith. But some would accept the reading of the Bible in answer to this question, and the best evidence in the Bible would be what Jesus is reported as having said. We can look at all four gospels, but since we now know that Mark's Gospel was the earliest written and that the other gospel authors relied on it for their information about the life and mission of Jesus, there are grounds for believing that it could be the most accurate of the gospels. On the evidence of the four gospels, the evidence is mixed and one can have any answer one wishes.In Mark's Gospel, at the trial of Jesus, he was was accused of claiming to be King of The Jews, although the Gospel never recorded him as making this claim. In chapter 3, the demons, who presumably are untrustworthy, said that Jesus was the Son of God, but this is another claim that Jesus never made for himself. He certainly denied being God (Mark 10:18 ).Only in John's Gospel does Jesus quite unambiguously say that he is God.AnswerIt depends on who 'they' are. The authors of the Gospel were eyewitnesses or known to eyewitnesses to his ministry, death, and subsequent appearances. All Gospels cohesive present Him without doubt as God, both in how they perceived Him and also what Jesus said about Himself. There is good evidence for the historicity of their accounts, far more than most readily accepted secular documents.

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