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Q: Which group of protozoans move using psuedopods?
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How are animal-like protists categorized?

Protists that have animal-like characteristics are categorized as protozoans. The protozoan group is further subdivided by the way in which the protozoans move. The categories include sacordinians which move using pseudopod, zooflagellates which move using flagella, ciliaphorans which move using cilia, and sporozoans which form spores.

What amoebas use to move?

They use psuedopods

What are temporary extensions of a protozoans cytoplasm?

Slime moulds and amoeba move using this method.

How do protozoans move'?

Protozoans move with the help Pseudopodia, cilia and flagella. Pseudopodia - Amoeba Cilia - Paramaecium Flagella - Euglena

What are protozoans that cannot move called?


Definition of protozoa?

Any of a large group of one-celled organisms (called protists) that live in water or as parasites. Many protozoans move about by means of appendages known as cilia or flagella. Protozoans include the amoebas, flagellates, foraminiferans, and ciliates.

List two heterotrophic protists that move?


Are protozoans animals?

they can move toward food on their own

Many small algae and protozoans use these to move?


Protozoans that move by extending lobes of cytoplasm are called?


What type of protozoans can't move?


What are protozoans?

Protozoans are unicellular, single celled micro organisms. Usually by themselves, but they sometimes form colonies. These organism get their food from their surroundings, and tend to live in a marine environment or fresh water. The official definition of the word protozoans is "a single-celled microscopic animal of a group of phyla of the kingdom Protista, such as an ameba, flagellate, ciliate, or sporozoan."