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well ofcorse Halo 3 is the ''best'' but the first one is the only one that landed Game of the year. So Halo combat evolved was the best for its time.

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Which is the best halo out?

halo 3 odst

What is the best halo trainer?

halo dev trainer

What was the best selling halo game?

halo 3

What is the best halo?

Halo 3 is by far the best yet. i say halo reach! I have to say reach is the one i enjoyed the most.

Best game for Xbox 360?

Cause everything is with live, the best games are halo 3, halo Odst, halo reach and that is a about it

What is the best halo game for xbox 360?

Halo 4

Is halo dumb?

No idoit, Halo is the best game there is out there, no question, Halo is the best game ever, NOOO. Well skyrims better bet what evs

What is the best gun in halo?

the best gun in halo would have to be the pistol if your playing halo 1, but if its halo 2 i don't know much about it but in the third it would definitively be the shotgun or assault rifle

What is the best Halo 2 cheat on xbox?

There are no cheats for Halo 2, or for any halo so far.

When was your first M rated game?

halo 2 it was the best Halo

What is your halo?

=It is Beyonce's BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!! I don't know what your halo is but I know Beyonce has a song called "Halo"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=

Whats better halo or Star Wars?

Halo by far. It has the best reviews.

Which halo is better than the xbox?

haLO 3 Is The BeST Reach is better

Which is the best halo game?

as a matter of fact it is halo reach. Halo reach is like all of the halo games put together, but even better! =) hope this helpedEdit Erix_D: The above message is a matter of opinion so there can be no real answer to the best Halo game.

What is the best guns for halo?

The Best Guns for Halo are the Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Spartan Laser, Shotgun, and an SMG.

What is the best offer with halo?

at gamestation Halo 3 ODST with limited edition controller and Halo Reach Beta Access

What is best halo anniversery firefight or mw3 survival?

Halo Anniversary firefight is better

Who is the best at halo?

Matthew Cornford

What was the best game?

halo PC

Were is the best place you can get halo?


What is better Guitar Hero 3 or Halo?

Halo is the best game ever and Guitar Hero is a good game but not as good as Halo.

What halo game is the best?

well other people think that it isn't but i 4 1 defenatily think that halo reach is the best!

What is the best halo game?

Everyone knows that halo3 is the best halo game ever made than halo3 odst and halo reach are gonna soar over it but halo3 is gonna be a classic

What is the best name for a turtle?

Halo is the best name for a turtle

Halo 3 is the best?

the company looked and Halo:reach is the best.