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Q: Which has more molecules a gram of CO2 or a gram of H2?
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What molecules is the heaviest CO2 H2O co or h2?


How many molecules of H2(g) are there in a 21.25 gram sample?

The number of molecules is 6,3985.10e24.

What molecules contain the most polar covalent bond CO2 H20 O2 H2 CH4?


How many hudrogen molecule are there in 10grams of hydrogen?

1 mole H2 = 2.016g H2 = 6.022 x 1023 molecules H210g H2 x 1mol H2/2.016g H2 x 6.022 x 1023 molecules H2/1mol H2 = 3 x 1024 molecules H2 (rounded to 1 significant figure)

How many moles of hydrogen gas contained in 9.03x1023?

Given/Known:1mole of H2 = 2.01588g H21mole of H2 = 6.022 x 1023 molecules H21) Convert molecules of H2 to moles of H2 by doing the following calculation.9.4 x 1025 molecules H2 x (1mol H2/6.022 x 1023 molecules H2) = 156mol H22) Convert the moles of H2 to mass in grams of H2.156mol H2 x (2.01588g H2/1mol H2) = 314g H2

What is the no of molecules of H2 and CO2 with the same volume?

The molar volume at 1 bar and 0 0C is 22,710 980(38) L/mol; each mol contain 6,022 140 857.10e23 molecules.

How many molecules of H2 are required to completely react with six molecules of N2?

The chemical reaction is:N2 + 3 H2 = 2 NH3For six molecules of nitrogen N2 18 molecules of hydrogen H2 are needed.

Are the gaseous di-atomic molecules of the Elements different from the molecules of Compounds?

Yes. The diatomic molecules of the elements include primarily H2, N2 & O2; Examples of molecular compounds include: H2O, C2H5OH, NH3, CO2, DNA and sugar.

What is the gram molecular mass of hydrogen?

The gram molecular mass of H2 is 2g.

What uses CO2 for carbon and H2 for energy?


If 2.35 moles of CO2 are produced in a reaction how many moles of H2O would be produced?

Balanced equation. ( this is a equilibrium reaction ) H2 + CO2 >< H2O + CO this is one to one, so 65.1 moles is the answer. 65.1 mols H2O (1mol H2/1mol H2O ) = 65.1 moles H2

calculate the number of moles in H2 molecules in 4g H2?

2 moles.