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Which instrument can be used to measure the temperature to 0.1 degree centigrade between 0 degree centigrade and 100 degree centigrade?


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The instrument you would use to measure temperature is a thermometer!!!!!


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Celsius and centigrade are the same measure of temperature

measure temperature? A thermometer.

You don't. Pascals is used to measure pressure, centigrade is used to measure temperature. Those two are completely different things.

Centigrade (Celsius) is a measure of temperature. Gram is a weight. One cannot be equal to the other.

They are ways to measure temperature. That's it. The Kelvin scale is actually much closer to the centigrade scale. Actually, it is the centigrade scale, just with an added constant.

It is Centigrade sometimes called Celsius.

Temperature is measured in the metric system using degrees Celsius (centigrade).

Degrees Centigrade (Celsius), Fahrenheit, or kelvins.

Instruments that measure temperature are thermometers.

You don't need one, at standard atmospheric pressure water boils at 100 degrees centigrade and remains at 100 degrees centigrade while it continues to boil away. However, should you need to measure the temperature for some reason, then you would use a thermometer to do this.

We use a thermometer to measure temperature.

Scientists measure temperature in Kelvin. The popular unit to measure temperature is degrees Celsius (also known as Centigrade). A few countries use degrees Fahrenheit instead.

The absolute measure of temperature is Kelvin. The most common measure is degrees Celsius (or centigrade) but there are also degrees of the Fahrenheit, Reaumur, Rankine, Romer, Delisle and Newton scales.

Usually, the temperature units centigrade (or Celsius) or Fahrenheit are used to measure the object temperature. Other units may be Kelvin and Rankin.

An instrument used to measure temperature.

A thermometer is an instrument to measure temperature.

the instrument used in measuring temperature is thermocouple

That would be its temperature expressed in degrees of Fahrenheit, Celsius or centigrade.

The density of gold is 19.3. At a temperature of 20 centigrade above zero.

A thermometer is an instrument to measure temperature.

Fahrenheit, Kelvin, and Centigrade (Also called Celsius).

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