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Q: Which invention spread Martin Luther's theses around?
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Which individual work had the greatest impact on the spread of the martin luthers ideas?

Johannes Gutenberg

Which individuals work had the greatest impact on the spread of martin luthers ideas?

Johannes Gutenberg

What invention helped Martin Luther to spread his ideas?

Martin Luther, if you're referring to the founder of Protestant Christianity, used the printing press to spread his ideas throughout Europe.

What avancement helped the spread of luthers idea?

He gave a music sheet to all of his servants.

How did the spread of Luther ideas affect European politics?

the spread of luthers ideas affect european politics...............I DOnt Know that is why I ask .Thank you for the time I might have wasted

Which of the following helped spread Protestantism throughout Europe?

The invention of the printing press

What county invented fireworks?

China invented fireworks first, then the Europeans found out about the Chinese invention, and then it spread around the world.

What invention helped the spread of music?

Records and Radios

What invention helped spread ideas of humanism?

The idea was to spread the humanist to go to catholic church

Did the invention of calligrph help spread Islamic belief?

The spread of Islam was through the guidance of Allah, the Holy Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (SAW), and not because of invention of Calligraphy.

What invention helped spread new ideas?

Printing press

What invention spread in the 1990s that allowed people easier access to news and information?

The invention of the Personal Computer spread in the 1990s and allowed people easier access to news and information.