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Q: Which is an example of a nonprint medium Magazine article letter to the editor. flyer on a bulletin board or a video clip?
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What is an online magazine article?

An online magazine article is the same as an article in a paper magazine except you can find it online, usually through the magazine's own website or through an article aggregation site. You can find an example through the given link.

What are some example sentences for the word article?

She learned a lot when she read the article. The magazine article was about parenting.

What is one example of prose . A painting done by Andy Warhol B. The lyrics of a song by the Beatles C. An article in Newsweek magazine D. A poem written by Walt Whitman?

C. An article in Newsweek magazine

What is an example of short news article?

An example of an article in a magazine is Celebrity Gossip, where they spill the beans about True and False statements said about a celebrity. A second article in a magazine is Home Improvement, where you can see the latest editions to house's and things that also relate to Home's. One last one I would like to mention is Advertisement Article. For instance, something like Got Milk? or Minute Maid Juice products...Hope this answer helped!! :-)

Is an article an abstract noun?

The noun article is aconcrete nounas a word for a separate part of a document dealing with a single subject; a piece of writing on a particular subject published in a newspaper or magazine; a particular item or object of a specified type (an article of clothing). In grammar, an article is a word that shows whether you are referring to a particular thing or a general example of something. The articles are the indefinite articles 'a' or 'an', and the definite article 'the'.The word article is not abstract, it refers to a concrete object, even it is a printed story in a magazine, it is still an actual object, not a concept.

Things in a classroom that are an acute angle?

bulletin boards are one example.

What is an example of an article from a popular magazine?

Lemonick, Michael D., David Bjerklie, Andrew Goldstein. "Keeper of the Stem Cells." Time 27 Aug. 2001: 57

What is the meaning of exploratory reading?

Exploratory reading allots more time into getting a fairly accurate picture of a material's presentation of ideas. An example is reading a long article from a magazine.

Can you give an example of a sentence using magazine?

I am reading a magazine.

The football coach posted the team rules on the bulletin board What is this an example of?

explicit norms

Give me an example of univocal?

whiteboard = bulletin board paper bag = plastic bag

Where can a person find a listing of the most professional website design firms?

Some design magazines will publish articles that give list of reputable website design firms. For example, a magazine called SpeckyBoy design magazine published a list. This article was also published on their website.