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Biceps and triceps

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Q: Which is an example of muscles working against each other to contract and extend?
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Why are muscles warm a while after working out?

Muscles are warm while after working out because they contract by the myofilimants pulling together making you stronger

Do all muscles contract and relax?

Yes, all muscles will contract and relax, Except the cardiac muscle and involuntary muscles which will be constantly working. er. Heart, intestines. But Voluntary muscles will only work together antagonistically.

Name of the antigravity muscles in human body?

There aren't any antigravity muscles in the human body. But as long as you're upright there are plenty of muscles that are working against gravity.

Where can I find information on abs diet for women online?

There are no specific diets that you can go on to have better abs. Working out your abdominal muscles is the only way to ensure that your muscles will contract enough to build definition in them.

When do you not have working muscles?

Never, you always have working muscles. Eg: your core muscles work to keep you standing/upright.

In idaho can an employer cut your pay down to minimum wage?

As long as it is not against your employment contract, it is possible. You do not have to continue working there either.

What is another medical term for synergism?

Synergism, or the process of working together, is often times applied to muscles in the body of an organism that have origins and insertions which allow for them to contract and affect the same area of the body in the same way. For example, the latissimus dorsi and the trapezius are considered synergists because they both have the ability to adduct the humerus. There are no other terms for this, other than PERHAPS sister muscles, or cooperating muscles.

Does Electronic Muscle Stimulation work?

The working principle of Electronic Muscle Stimulation is using a small amount of electricity administered through the skin and into the muscle causes muscles to contract. This is the same process that your body goes through when you are working out- each time your muscles contract, they grow a little bit stronger. But this is only a part of the whole process, to build a muscle, you need to have a balanced diet as well.

What kind of muscles are working when heart is beating?

involuntary muscles

How do the muscles of the arm work to produce movement?

Muscles work in groups, working in opposition one with the other In the arm, groups of muscles work by contracting and relaxing to produce gross and fine movement, depending upon the task that the person wishes to carry out. For instance to bend and close the arm at the elbow, the flexor muscles (biceps) contract while the opposing triceps relax. And then to straighten the arm, the triceps (extensor muscles) will contract while the biceps relax. Rotator muscles work together to turn and twist the arm.

Can you get fired for not working unscheduled hours?

You can only get fired for not working unscheduled hours if it is in your contract. If this is not in your contract you cannot be fired.

What happen to the muscles when it is working?

When you work the muscles gets stronger and healthy.

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