Which is best ece or IT?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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for placement IT is best and for gaining knowledge and communication skills again IT is best

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in terms of placements both are at par but BUT DIFFICULTY OF ECE>CSE

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cse is far far far better than ece..its for sure..dont bother any other words and just join sure ull defnitely regret one day if u go for ece..thank u..

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Q: Which is best ece or IT?
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Which is best of ece and civil?

what is ece civil

Which course is best for ece student?

The best course for an ECE engineering student is VLSI.

What Best course in engineering for women?

ece civil

Which is best group ECE or CSC in engineering?


What are the best core companies for ece students?

show list of core company for ece in chennai

Which is better ece or eee or eie?

East or West - ECE is the best. Great job opportunities through campus recruitment Major software companies recruit ECE graduates rather than EEE

Which is the best between ECE and EEE?

both are good in their field.

You are btech in ece can you sit for ies in electricals?

yes u are definitely sit in ies exam if you have ece branch but you have to do work hard for it....... all the best!!!!

What are the best courses after B-TECH for ece students?

The courses in mtech for ECE students depends on the university where you are taking classes. Each university has their own requirements for courses in mtech for ECE students.

What is the best course ECE or Mech?

If you are an interested guy in mech you can do mech otherwise if you interested in electronics pls choose ece courses ...... Both are evergreen courses......

What is the best topic for thesis of the ece student?

Thesis topics in networking - 2012

Which is the best group in engineering?

computer science