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They are both AMAZINGLY written; it's impossible to say But Warriors is more creative and cool and fantastic. The terms are better and more appealing. Also cats are popular, so Warriors is more popular. (Though Seekers is fantastic too)Warriors was written first, so it may stay that way (it's just an opinion)

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Q: Which is better Warriors or Seekers?
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Which is a better book series warriors or seekers?

In my opinion, Warriors is a much better option. It has more action and is far more entertaining; I could read a Warriors book every day. Unfortunately, the Erins don't write quite that fast. (:

Did the same author write warriors and seekers?


What are no claws in seekers by Erin Hunter?

No claws are humans. Like in warriors they are twolegs.

Is seekers a hot book for teenagers?

It may be a bit young for a teenager but I highly recommend the Warriors and Seekers series. (Both by Erin Hunter)

What is the name of the quiz that has questions about the Warrior Cats and Seekers books?

The Warriors and Seekers Fanatic Challenge is a quiz on the warriors official forums that asks questions about the Warriors and Seekers books. In this quiz, which happens once a week, the Challenge Host asks a question, and the first 10 people to correctly answer the question receive an avatar upgrade on the forums. You can find this quiz on the warrior cats official forums.

What place will you find the fourth seekers book?

There are many places to find good books, but I have found that the best place for the Warriors and Seekers series is at Barns and Noble.

Is Erin Hunter writing a new book?

Yes, she is continuing to write Survivors, Warriors and Seekers.

Who agrees that Erin Hunter spends too much time on Seekers and not enough time on Warriors?


Who are the real authors for Seekers and the warriors books?

Cherith Baldry,Kate Cary,Victoria Holmes.

Will there be a Seekers movie that will come out?

i don't there will because of the number of books being so little. warriors have at least 35 books made so there is a great possibility of there being a warriors movie but no seekers movie. maybe in time and more books are made then we will see.

Seeker books vs warrior books?

In my opinion, seekers books are by far better than warriors books. I just borrowed "warriors" from the library about five weeks ago and I didn't get past Chapter 5, it sucked so much. Let me put it frankly- Erin Hunter should stick with bears. I agree I like the seekers books much better. The warrior books aren't as interesting. Elyse99 says: I love Kallik the polar bear.

Are warriors or raptors better?