Which is better a sport car or SUV?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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i would say sports car depending on the cars your choosing from because most newer cars have better gas millage than SUV's and you car tell your friends that you got a cool new sports car the only downside is the sports car could be pretty pricey.

sports cars are the best, SUV's r just bulky and they drink gas like an irishman drinks beer.

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Q: Which is better a sport car or SUV?
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Is a SUV a car?

The SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) was originally built on a truck chassis. So the answer is no.

What do you mean by SUV in the car segment?

Sport Utility Vehicle.

What is the SUV car?

The SUV vehicle means sport utility vehicle which is so comfortable for every type of driving.

What is the acronym for sport utility vehicles?

The acronym for sport utility vehicles is SUV. A SUV is a rugged car that is similar to a station wagon but it is built based on a light-truck chassis.

What type of car starts with letter S?

Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

What is this SUV like and is it new?

An SUV gives you the feeling of driving in a regular car but with a massive amount of space. SUV's are not compact like a sedan. SUV's drive like a regular car but handles itself better with more leg room and basically more space.

What is the difference between the make and a type of car?

The make of car is the band of it, the actual company that built the car and the type of car is for example a sport car, SUV, lorry, compact etc.

how can I find a good and affordable mid size SUV?

If you want to find a mid size SUV it is better you know somebody or a friend working on a car company or somebody has knowledge about car. They can help you check a good SUV and get a good deal with the car dealer or owner.

What is the full form of suv?

The full form of SUV is Sport Utility Vehicle.

Why did the car door that dinged my SUV have no damage and my clear coat was chipped with a slight dent?

When a car door hit an SUV and does not cause damage to their car can only mean one thing. It usually means that the paint job on their car is better.

Why some cars called SUV?

Probably because that is what they are, a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV).

Is a Ford Explorer XL SUV not a Sport Trac?

No their not the Sammie, the sport trac is slightly larger has a lager wheelbase and is a f***** Great car ========================================================= Also , the Ford Explorer Sport Trac has a pickup style box