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Black box testing - first lets understand the term - u can not see inside a black box. so u just know that what goes in and what comes out. for eg. at airport you checkin your bag and at next airport u get your bag. what happens in between you dont know.

So in blackbox testing we do functional testing. Some techniques are boundary value analysis, class, etc. You do not need to know how the code works and you don't see it. You just need to know what it should do and then check does it do it by entering in data and seeing what happens. As a very simple example, it may be a program to do calculations. You enter some numbers and check if the program gives you the correct results. You don't need to know exactly how it does the calculation, just that it works. You don't need to know anything about programming to do black box testing.

White box: or glass box testing - You know what is everything inside and processed. This requires knowledge of the code of the program and knowledge of the language being used. You can check what each line does and how it does it. So for our calculations, you would see how those calculations are actually done. You can then fix any problems you find. People who don't know anything about programming cannot do white box testing.

Sometimes if an error is found in black box testing, it is necessary to look directly at the code to see what is going wrong, and you are then performing white box testing.

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1.Static testing involves verification of activities of the developed software where as dynamic testing involves working with the software, giving input values and checking if the output is as expected.

2.Review's, Inspection's and Walkthrough's are static testing methodologies.Unit Tests, Integration Tests, System Tests and Acceptance Tests are few of the Dynamic Testing methodologies.

3.Static testing is done before the code deployment (verification stage) where as dynamic testing is done after code deployment(validation stage).

4.Static testing is more cost effective then dynamic testing.


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Glass-box testing is aware of the interior structure of the software and uses this knowledge when designing the test.

Black-box testing refers to tests that do not rely on knowledge of the software's interior composition.

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Black Box Testing is a software testing method in which the internal structure/ design/ implementation of the item being tested is NOT known to the tester.

Mainly applicable to higher levels of testing:Acceptance Testing,System Testing .

Techniques that is used in Black Box testing :-

  • Boundary-value analysis, Error guessing, Race conditions, Cause-effect graphing, Syntax testing, State transition testing, Graph matrix, Equivalence partitioning

Technical background is not the necessity of Black-Box Tester.

White Box Testing is a software testing method in which the internal structure/ design/ implementation of the item being tested is known to the tester.

Mainly applicable to lower levels of testing:Unit Testing,Integration Testing .

Few techniques that are used in white box testing:-

Code Coverage, Segment coverage: This is done to ensure that all statement or each line of code has been executed, Compound condition coverage and loop coverage: In this we test all the conditions and all the branching and loops in code, Data Flow testing: we test all the intermediate steps, in this we test how sequential steps behave, Path Testing: In this we test all the path that is defined in code.

Through White-Box testing, tester detects all logical errors, design error and Typographical error.

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The most fundamental difference between a black-box and white-box testing is the kind project tracking that is used. The kind of approaches used is the other difference.

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Q: Which is better between black box testing and white box testing?
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