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Little Big Planet 2 because all the Little big Planet 1 multiplayer levels are carried over to little big planet 2 as well as all your clothing if you played little big planet 1. There are more fun gadgets like a metal hand which allows you to carry items bigger than your character.

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Little Big Planet 2 looks to be the better of the two as it has more features and flexibility however LBP 2 has not been released yet and will not be until sometime in January 2011.

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Q: Which is better little big planet or little big planet 2?
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Do you get everything from little big planet to little big planet 2?

yes,when you have new costumes in little big planet,enter little big planet 2 you will enter a page you can enter yes or no,enter yes

Should i buy little big planet 2 and is little big planet 3 coming on ps3?

No. You should not buy big planet 2, instead you should wait for little big planet 3 which is coming son on PS 3.

How do you upload little big planet psp stuff to little big planet 2 ps3?

You cant.

On little big planet how do you get water?

Buy the Pirates Of The Carribian pack EDITED: In little big planet 2 water is free

Should you play just cause 2 or little big planet?

Little big planet its fun just cause isnt really

How do you get out of My Moon on little big planet 2?

The squire butten

Is Little Big Planet 4 players?

Yes, it is and Little Big Planet 2. is there gonna be a Little Big Planet 3?

What are the release dates for Sage Reviews - 2008 Little Big Planet 2 4-2?

Sage Reviews - 2008 Little Big Planet 2 4-2 was released on: USA: 25 January 2011

What is the rating for Littlebigplanet 2?

esrb: rated E for everyone. rating as in how good it is: 9.5 by Game Informer. little big planet 2 is better than the first.

Is the new Littlebigplanet out?

Yes Little Big Planet 2 was released in January 2011 and the Little Big Planet for the Playstation Vita will release on December 31 2011

How do you buy DLC on little big planet 2?

Go to store

Will little big planet 2 be on the wii?

No. It is a sony thing only