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silver bbs

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Q: Which is better silver or gold bbs?
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Which is better white gold or silver?

White gold is stronger and has a better quality than silver does.

Is silver a better conductor than gold?

Yes,Silver is a better conductor than gold

Does gold or silver look better with purple?

Gold. gold is way better!

Which is better for charm bracelets; silver or gold?

Silver would be better because some people are allergic to gold.

What is better gold or silver?

Definley gold

Does black look better with silver or gold on a dress?


What is better white gold or sterling silver?

white gold

Does gold or silver go better with orange?

silver . honestly neither . but silver .

What is better to invest in silver or gold?

Silver! It has more potential. In my opinion.

Should you move from gold swimming to silver?

no because gold sounds so much better than silver

Why did people say gold was better than silver?

gold is worth more

What does a good friend is better that silver and gold?

Can silver and gold give you a shoulder to cry on, a laugh to share? Can you confide in silver and gold and comfort them in your turn? Silver and gold cannot, absolutely cannot, give whatever a good friend can give.