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Q: Which is bigger a Boeing 747 or a Boeing 757?
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What plane is bigger 747 or 757?

The 747 is much bigger than 757. - Boeing's numbers indicate production date rather than size.

Is a Boeing 747 larger than a Boeing 757?

Yes, much. The 757 is a narrow body, one storey aircraft, while the 747 is a widebody and has 2 levels.

What is bigger a 777 or 747?

The number 777 is bigger than 747 The Aircraft Boeing 747 is bigger than the Boeing 777

What is better Boeing 737 or Boeing 777?

777 is bigger than a 737. from smallest to largest 737, 757, 767, 777, 747 It goes like this (from small to big) 737, 757, 787, 767, 747, 777

Which is bigger 747 or 787?

The number 787 is bigger than the number 747. However if your asking about the Boeing Aircraft then the Boeing 747 is bigger than the Boeing 787.

Is Boeing 767 or 757 bigger?

a 767 is bigger than a 757

Is the 737 bigger or 747 Boeing?

747's are double deckers. 747's are bigger.

What aircraft is bigger - Boeing 757 or Airbus 320?

The 757 is considerably larger.

How much bigger is the Boeing 747 than the Boeing 787?

the Boeing 747 is bigger han the 787. The Boeing 747 can seat over 400 people, but the Boeing 787 can only seat about 300 passengers. The Boeing 747 is the second largest commercial airplane in the world. (the largest commercial airplane in the world is the airbus A380.)

What is bigger the 757 or 747 airplane?

The 747 because the 757 is much smaller and can carry less passengers. It also only has 2 engines where as the 747 has 4.

Is the Boeing C17 bigger than the 747?

No, its not even close. The 747 is much larger and much heavier. The 747 has a much greater payload capacity as well.

Which is bigger Boeing 777 or Boeing 747?

The 777 (Triple - Seven) is a very long airliner but the 747 is much bigger in size. A 777-300er can carry 550 A 747-400er can carry 500 A 747-8I can carry 600