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Q: Which is cheaper to run-a gas fire or a central heating system?
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Why was an ancient Roman villa's fireplace in a room by itself?

Because they had air flow central heating (a hypocaust system) and the fire had to be in the place where that was and where the bathwater was heated,

How did people keep warm before central heating?

wood made fire STUPID

What was the ancient roman underfloor heating system called?

Did you know the Romans invented central heating? It wascalled Hypocaust. It was an underfloor heating system thatalso warmed the walls.In this activity you will create a model of a Roman building with ahypocaust heating system. The Romans did this by raising the floorsurface on pillars of bricks. There was a fire outside the building, andthe hot air from the fire was passed under the floor and up throughthe walls cite: mylearning

Where does heat come from in the winter?

outside= the sun, radiation from buildings which have the heating on (see snow melt on roofs which have the heating on and no loft insulation), body warmth inside= central heating, fire

What is the central heating system inside the house?

Rather than have a coal, gas or electric fire heating one room, central heating is one boiler (gas or electric) heating the whole house. This is done by pumping hot water through pipes that feed several radiators installed in each room and hall way. A thermostat in the hall (for instance) allows the temperature to be controlled overall, with a regulating valve on each radiator for separate room control.

What does the hypocaust do?

The hypocaust is a roman way of central heating Slaves lit a fire underneath the house and it warmed up the house

Is an open fire or closed fire best for heating a house?

The answer is that a closed fire is best for heating a house.

How did the Romans invent central heating?

so that people can have a bath in hot water instead of cold water or if not heat it with fire too.

Can a plastic bag going up an intake to a heating system cause a fire in the furnace?

yes it would

Will travlers insurance cover a 20 year old heating system?

If it caused a fire it would cover the fire damage, but the system would not be covered because it would be considered wear and tear, which is not covered.

How do I fix the heating system blowing cold air?

Call a heating specialist. Heaters are too dangerous for amateurs to fool with. There is danger of fire and, in the case of gas, asphyxiation if they are not properly repaired and adjusted.

Ways you turn natural gas into enery you can use?

Burn it to produce electicity, or burn it in a water heater for central heating, or burn it in a stove or open fire in a home