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Which is first ce or bc?


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i do not know what Ce is but ad is after BC and the higher the number in BC the longer ago, in ad its the exact opposite. e.g. this was made in 2009 AD

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BCE (or just BC) comes before CE (also known as AD).

No. CE is the same as AD. BC is the same as BCE.

I believe if we are according to time BC is first. BC meaning before christ and AD meaning Anno Domini. These come in a set together to note times for years in history. However, due to controversial reason's BCE and CE have become a new way to mark time through history. BCE meaning before common era and CE meaning common era.

BC means Before Christ AD means Anno Domino CE means Common Era

BC (also BCE) is before CE, which is a secular form of the suffix AD.BC = Before ChristBCE = Before Current Era (same years as BC)AD = Anno Domini (Year of our Lord, i.e. year after Christ)CE = Current Era (same years as AD)

There is no conversion involved-BCE and CE are simply secular euphemisms (replacements) for the religiously-associated BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini).Here is how years would be expressed in BC, AD, BCE and CE:September 22, 2010 AD (today's date)September 22, 2010 CE (today's date)January 1, 44 BCJanuary 1, 44 BCE

The world's classic religions (not sects or spinoffs) appeared in this order: Hinduism, c.3200 BC; Sabeanism c.2000 BC; Judaism, c.1300 BC; Zoroastrianism, c.1100 BC; Buddhism, 563 BC; Christianity, c.30 CE; Islam, 621 CE; Baha'i Faith, 1844.

Today is 2009 AD (CE), meaning that 2,008 years ago the year was 1 AD (CE). The year before 1 AD (CE) was 1 BC (BCE). So, BCE was 2,009 years ago. CE started from the estimated first year of Jesus Christ's birth.

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BC means before Christ and AD stands for Anno Domini (year of the lord). BC is before the birth of Christ and AD are the years after the birth. People often use BC as Before the Common era and CE for Common Era (CE). Not all people are christian.

The term CE stands for Common Era, it takes the place of AD. The term BCE means Before Common Era and takes the place of BC. A politically correct term as the entire world is not Christian and AD and BC have Christian connotations.

The question makes no sense as put. The term "BC" means "Before Christ". Therefore, any year BC would necessarily be prior to Jesus Christ having lived and Christianity could not have been founded. Christianity as a religion developed in the first and second centuries CE. It became the official state religion of the Roman Empire in 381 CE.

10,000. In BC/BCE you count down to go forward, in AD/CE you count up to go forward.

Answering in 2018 CEAssuming that there is a 0 CE since 2000 CE was apparently the first year of the third millennium CE, it was 2018 - -8200 = 10,218 years ago (Unless there was also a 0 BCE, in which case it was 10,219 years ago.)Answering in 2018 ADThere was no year 0 AD (nor 0 BC) which means that 2000 AD was the LAST year of the second millennium AD, and 2001 AD was the FIRST year of the third millennium AD. Assuming you mean 8200 BC: → 8200 BC was 2018 - - 8200 - 1 = 10,217 years ago.

CE is Common Era, it's the same thing as AD (Anno Domini) BCE is also used instead of BC We are in the year 2009 AD and 2009 CE.

BC stands for 'before Christ' and AD for 'anno Domini', which is Latin for 'year of the Lord'. In recent years these terms have been replaced by CE (common era) and BCE (before common era).

Assuming that BCE is a renaming of BC and CE is a renaming of AD of the calendar devised by Dionysius Exiguus in 247 Anno Diocletiani which he designated 531 AD since he calculated that Jesus was born 531 years earlier, becoming his year 1 AD, which was preceded by 1 BC as zero was not invented for another 500 years or so, then between 200 BCE and 2000CE there are the 199 years 199 BCE to 1 BCE and the 1999 years from 1 CE to 1999 CE, making a total of 199 + 1999 = 2198 years between 200 BCE and 2000 CE (exclusive). However, as people were celebrating 2000 CE as the start of the third millennium CE, the second must have run from 1000 CE to 1999 CE and thus the first must have run from 0 CE to 999 CE which means that in the BCE/CE calendar there is a year 0, which means between 200 BCE and 2000 CE there is an extra year, meaning there are 2199 years between 200 BCE and 2000 CE (exclusive). Which dates have been corrected for this extra year in the BCE/CE calendar over the BC/AD calendar I would love to know; for example, Julius Caesar was assassinated on 15 March 44 BC, so is that 15 March 43 BCE?

BCE stands for before common era

CE stands for common era. It is, in simple terms, the same as AD. In following with this, there is BCE, or before common era, which is the same as BC.

BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) are being increasingly used as secular replacements for the original religious acronyms of BC (Before Christ) and AD (Anno Domini; Latin - in the year of our Lord).The general reasoning behind the propagation of BCE and CE to replace BC and AD is that they are more secular and do not reference Jesus of Nazereth or Christianity.

Cleopatra's first child was born in 47 BC.Cleopatra's first child was born in 47 BC.Cleopatra's first child was born in 47 BC.Cleopatra's first child was born in 47 BC.Cleopatra's first child was born in 47 BC.Cleopatra's first child was born in 47 BC.Cleopatra's first child was born in 47 BC.Cleopatra's first child was born in 47 BC.Cleopatra's first child was born in 47 BC.

Hinduism - c.3200 BC - Krishna Sabeansim - c.2000 BC - Abraham Judaism - c.1300 BC - Moses Zoroastrianism - c.1100 BC - Zarathustra Buddhism - 563 BC - Gautama Buddha Christianity - c.30 CE - Jesus the Christ Islam - 621 CE - Muhammad Sikhism - c.1500 - Guru Nanak

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