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North Korea was supported by the Chinese and South Korea was supported by the United Nations (predominantly the US).

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Q: Which is good and which is bad North or South Korea?
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Is North Korea best Korea?

In my opinion, I disagree.No offence to them, but their activity is very old fashioned.So that's why I think SOUTH KOREA is betteri'd never find American's,Canadian's,ect. there!There is no best Korea. You can point out negative things about North Korea, but you can also point out positive things. Same goes for South Korea.I disagree. North Korea has a very bad economy right now. And South Korea has a good economy. Also South Korea is prospering and North Korea's economy is getting really bad. So I guess South Korea is better than North Korea.

Is North Korea Good Or bad?

North Korea was the enemy of the United States during the Korean War. They are currently hostile toward the United States.As far as being good or bad. They're good in their own mindset. They're good compared to Vietnam, Russia, China, Venezuela, and Thailand. They're as good as their believes lead them to be. However the government, being Communist, is flawed, the leaders are corrupt, the people are stricken with poverty, and North Korea holds nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

Why are there 2 Korea?

There are cut into North and South Korea. They are cut because a war between China and the USA. But I don't mean that they are bad.

Why did Korea choose isolation?

HUH? Last time Korea was isolated was right after the Opium Wars in China. They didn't want the same thing to happen in Korea. South Korea never had a policy of isolation. If you're talking about North Korea, If life sucks as bad as it does in North Korea, would you like your people to know that people outside of North Korea actually have 3 meals a day? North Korea is so successful in isolation, people in North Korea think they are better off than the people in South Korea.

Is South Korea a dangerous country?

No, it is north korea who are bad. South Korea is a capitalist sate like Britain and the USA. In fact, South Korea and USA are allied, and becuase the USa is a superpower, this would probably stir off the north for if they would be thinking of an attack. However, for as long as their propaganda has feeded out to us, they have not attcked South Korea since 1949, so judging by that, it is probably unlike;y that they'd attck again or at leat anytime soon. Yhh, takeing into account everything i've said, i would say that in this day and age, south korea a pretty safe place

What is the current relationship between North Korea and South Korea?

Back then, North and South koreas relationship were good, which means they were friends each other but they became enemy each other because North Korean actually killed one of South Korean. Actually to tell the truth, North wanted something more than South. So they were very greedy. If you heard of news that North bomb the South, the reason North doing that kind of stuff was because they wanted more money. So they each other has a bad history so you should not talk about North Korea to South korean.

Is Korea good?

This is based on a person's point of perspective and Korea isn't fully bad. North Korea only adopted the way of communism through China and also during the Korean War, North Korea only wanted to get rid of the traitors to the south who gave information to Japan during when Japan colonized Korea. North Korea only wanted to restore the former glory of Korea, but it was wrong of them to massacre. South Korea in the change did nothing but only protected those traitors but they knew communism wasn't right and so now they are a republic. Both North Korea and the south isn't bad so overall Korea is good. If you have read the before answers where one person said Korea is a no star country and the other person insulted the other person, those answers were just self perspectives. Indeed Korea is small but look what Korea has accomplished. They made robots, great t.v's, and etc. They made great accomplishments to technology. North Korea made great contributions to military like inventing different weapons and other ways to train soldiers.

Who is army is better South Korea or North Korea?

well north Korea have made nuclear bombs however the country is a very poor country. the soldiers are very short and if they fight against south Korean soldiers it would be a diadvantage for the north Korean. in order to bomb south Korea with nuclear bomb they need planes to drop the bomb but they are so poor that they can move the plane once. also how on earth are they going to feed the soldiers during the war if they are so poor. they have bad missile accuracy so they would lose. North Korea trains the soldiers really hard but their low height would have big disadvantages on them. South Korea are far wealthier country and the country has help from the un especially from USA. Korea's soldiers are taller with bigger and tougher bodies. South Korea has weapons as well like tanks. south Korea is very good at making ships so this would be a big advantage. If the two koreas have war south Korea will get some damage but the victory would be in the south Korean's hands. North Korea has stronger army but would not able to beat south Korea in the war.

Who makes Admiral tires?

Kumho Tires of South Korea makes Admiral. I have no reports of good or bad in these.

Why did America entered war with Korea?

They were sent at the request of the United Nations.

Will India fight North Korea?

everyone knows that if north Korea is going to go to war with south Korea that china is going to support the north. India has had a bad relationship with china because china is controlling the aksai chin and arunachal Pradesh. so I think India will go to war against the north because of its bad relationships with china and I really don't think India likes the north that much and the us is one its main allies. so yah I don't think India will support the north and instead will fight alongside the south.

What are major conflicts between the north and south?

The southis bad but the north is good! this does not help anyone at all!