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sliding friction

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Q: Which is greater sliding friction or rolling friction?
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Why sliding friction greater than rolling friction and if the area of contact is same?

The FORCE of Friction is INDEPENDENT of Surface Area. Only the 'Coefficient of Friction', and the Force between the two Surfaces. Sliding Friction is greater than Rolling Friction ONLY if the Coefficient of Friction is GREATER for the Sliding Surfaces.

Which type of kinetic fiction is usually greater sliding kinetic friction or rolling kinetic friction?

Sliding Kinetic Friction is usually greater than Rolling Kinetic Friction. Sliding Kinetic Friction is caused by two objects being dragged together, providing more opportunity for the objects' microscopic hills and valleys to catch.

Which is easier to stop sliding or rolling friction?

== == AnswersIt is easier to stop sliding friction than rolling friction. The force due to sliding friction will always be greater than the force due to rolling friction. And since friction force will be in the opposite direction of motion it will be easier to stop an object in motion that is sliding than one that is rolling.

Friction can be reduced by changing over from sliding to rolling or rolling to sliding?

rolling to sliding

What is kinetic friction and sliding friction?

Kinetic friction is the friction that arises between surfaces in relative motion. Sliding friction is the friction that occurs when an object slides over a surface.

The size of forces due to static sliding and rolling friction between two surfaces?

static sliding has a much greater force then rolling friction cause it covers more area

Difference between rolling and sliding friction?

Rolling friction generates considerably less heat than sliding friction. .

Is rolling friction greater than sliding friction?

Typically not. However rolling friction is somewhat of a myth. Rolling friction is actually caused by static friction. There are really only two types of friction: Static and Kinetic. That's it! Rolling friction is caused by static friction and the coefficient of friction (which determines its strength) is dependent upon the two materials of interaction.

Why is rolling friction is lesser than sliding friction?

due to the less surface area rolling friction is lesser than sliding friction

Does rolling friction tend to oppose motion more than sliding friction does?

Generally, sliding friction is much stronger than rolling friction.

Which kind of friction requires more force to overcome rolling friction of sliding friction?

Sliding Friction

Which kind of friction requriers more forec to overcome rolling friction or sliding friction?

sliding friction