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There are 2.2 pounds per kilogram so three kilograms is heaver.

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Q: Which is heavier 3 pounds or 3 kilograms?
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Related questions

Which is heavier 3 pounds of flour or 3 kilograms of flour?

3 kilograms of flour

What is heavier 70 kilograms or 110 pounds?

70 kilograms is heavier than 110 pounds, which is about 50 kilograms.

What is heavier 12 pounds or 6 kilograms?

Six kilograms is heavier; 6kg = about 13.2 pounds.

Which is heavier 140 pounds or 68 kilograms?

68 kilograms is heavier because it equates to 149.914 pounds.

Which is heavier 210 pounds or 90 kilograms?

210 pounds is heavier.

Which is heavier 60 kilograms or 125 pounds?

60 kilograms = 132 pounds 5 ounces 60 kilograms is heavier than 125 pounds.

What is heavier 100 kilograms or 100 pounds?

100 kilograms is heavier than 100 pounds.1 kilogram is about 2.2 pounds.

Which is heavier 51 kilograms or 110 pounds?

110 pounds is heavier then 51 kilograms.

Which is heavier 10 pounds or 10 kilosgrams?

10 kilograms is heavier. A kilogram is 2.2 pounds so 10 kilograms is 22 pounds.

Is 6 pounds heavier than 3 kilograms?

Six pounds is less than 3kg. Six pounds is about 2.72kg

Which is heavier kilo or pounds?

Kilograms, 1 kilogram is 2.21 pounds.

Which is heavier 5kilograms or 10pounds?

5 kilograms is just over 11 pounds therefore 5 kilograms is heavier

Which is heavier 3 grams or 5 kilograms?

5 kilograms is heavier than 3 grams.

Which is greater 2.21 kilograms or 2 pounds?

2 pounds is 0.9Kgs, so 2.21 kilograms is heavier

What weighs more 500 pounds or 20 kilograms?

500 pounds is much heavier than 20 kilograms. 20 kilograms is only 44.09 pounds.

What weighs more kilograms or pounds?

janice weighs 72 pounds. Harold weighs 30 kilograms. who is heavier

What is 3 kilograms in pounds?

3 kilograms = about 6.61 pounds.

What is heavier 1000 pounds or 1000 kilograms?

1,000 kilograms is more than twice as heavy as 1,000 pounds: 1000kg = 2,204.6 pounds.

Which is heavier kilograms or pounds?

One kilogram is about 2.2 times heavier than one pound.

Which is heavier a 250 pounds of cement or 60 kilograms of feathers?

250 pounds of cement.

What does 3 pounds equal in kilograms?

3 pounds = 1.36 kilograms.

Which is heavier pounds or kilograms?

kilos 1 kg = 2.2 lbs

What is heavier - pounds or kilograms?

In practical use, kilograms are heavier. There are about 2.2 pounds in one kilogram. However, neither is particularly heavier - the two units measure different things. Pounds measure weight, while kilograms measure mass. Mass is defined as the amount of space a given item takes up.

How many kilograms in 3 pounds?

3 pounds is equal to 1.360777 kilograms.

Is 46 kilograms heavier than 2 pounds?

A mass of 46 kilograms weighs about 101.4 pounds on earth. That's more than 2 pounds.