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Angel falls are the highest in the world.

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Q: Which is highest Angel Falls or Victoria falls?
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Why do people go to Victoria Falls?

Because it is the world's highest waterfall. The Victoria Falls are not the world's highest, but the world's widest sheet of falling water. The highest are the Angel Falls in Venezuela at 3212 feet

Where are the Angel Falls and the Victoria Falls located at?

Angel Falls are in Venezuela, South America. - Victoria Falls are on the Zambesi River, bordering Zambia and Zimbabwe, in Africa.

What are the angel falls?

The Angel Falls are in Venezuala and are the highest in the world.

What is an good example of a waterfall?

The Victoria Falls The Niagara Falls The Angel Falls

What is the world's highest waterfall and how high is it?

Victoria Falls. It is approximately 330 feet tall

How are Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls similar?

They are similar in that Victoria Falls is the highest waterfall and Niagara Falls has the widest crest.

What is the name of the worlds tallest waterfall located in Venezuela?

The highest waterfall in the world is Salto Angel Falls on the Rio Gauja in Venezuela at 979 metres.

Is niagara falls the highest waterfall in theworld?

No, the Angel Falls are..

Were abouts is Angel Falls?

Venezuela. They are the highest falls in the world.

What is latin America's highest waterfall?

Angel Falls is Latin America's highest waterfall. Angel Falls is actually also the highest waterfall in the entire world. Angel Falls is located in southeastern Venezuela.

What is special about the height of Angel Falls?

It is special as it makes Angel Falls the highest waterfall in the world.

Before Angel Falls was discovered which was the highest waterfall?

Yosemite falls