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Which is larger NFL football or college football?


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Both footballs are the same length, but the college footballs are wider

for the sports and not the balls college football has more teams but nfl has more money


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no it is not a pro ball is slightly longer

The NFL football is known as "The Duke". Not all college football teams use the same kind of football. The one that I am familiar playing with is the GST and it is more round and a little bit wider than an NFL football and the tips of the ball are not as pointed.

College football is played by college students. NFL football is played by professionals.

Is a college football bigger than the nfl football? This question will be answered college or NFL. Its NFL because it National Football League . College is less Better cause the people arent as good. Have A Nice Day! :D

i think college football is the stepping stone to NFL..

All footballs that are high school, college, and NFL level are the same. There is no physical difference besides the look of the ball.

No. Not all college football players go to the NFL, not even all division 3 college football players go into the NFL

Yes. The NFL is professional football and the NCAA is college football.

college football you only have 4 years to play and you don't get paid in nfl you get paid and choose when to quit

I fletcher do not think so wait no you have to play college football to go to the NFL.

It is legal in the NFL so it is probably legal in college football.

No, they are apart of the NFL (National Football League).

You play football in college till you get drafted.

Go to college, and play football there, and then get drafted!!

Approximately 7% of all college football players get drafted into the NFL.

Any college that has a football team

They're recruited or "drafted" from College Seniors.

The college football has white stripes on one half and is slightly (Larger?,Smaller?)

play college football and be good in it...then get drafted to the NFL and play as a QB

NFL players are not required to attend college. Still, it is quite difficult for a football player to gain the skills necessary to play in the NFL without playing college football. Still, a few European soccer players have been kickers in the NFL.

Yes, an NCAA football is smaller than the NFL ball. This size difference makes transistion to the NFL hard for QBs and Kickers.

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