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Q: Which is not a formula for a diatomic molecule?
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What chemical formula represent a diatomic molecule?

a diatomic molecule is a molecule with two atoms. so H2 is a diatomic molecule. HCl is also a diatomic molecule. C4H6 is not a diatomic molecule, because it has more then 2 atoms

CoCl2 is this a single atom diatomic molecule molecule or a formula unit?

it is a formula unit

An example of a molecular formula for a diatomic molecule?

H2 + 2O2 --------> 2H2OHydrogen and Oxygen are both diatomic.

Does hydrogen exist as a diatomic?

Yes, hydrogen gas exists as a diatomic molecule with the formula H2.

What type of compound is H2?

H2 is the formula of the diatomic molecule of hydrogen.

What is the formula for the bromide molecule?

Bromine is diatomic, which means it is naturally found as Br2

What is the chemical symbol for O2?

O2 is the chemical formula for the diatomic molecule of oxygen.

What is the chemical formula for the hyrdrogen molecule?

Hydrogen is H2, a diatomic gaseous element

Which of these elements is not diatomic potassium chlorine iodine or hydrogen?

Potassium Chloride is not diatomic. Although chloride is a diatomic molecule (BrINClHOF), the formula for Potassium Chloride is KCl not KCl2. Therefore, it is not diatomic.

What is chemical formula for hyderon gas?

Assuming that you mean Hydrogen, its formula is H2, hydrogen is diatomic molecule

What is the chemical formula for a molecule that contains two chlorine atom?

The diatomic chemical formula of chlorine is Cl2.

What is the formula for an oxygen molecule?

O2 is the molecule Oxygen (O) is an element and is diatomic, which means it will naturally pair up.