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PCP is sometimes considered an hallucinogen because it has some of the same effects. However, it does not fit easily into any one drug


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Yes, marijuana is a mild hallucinogen.

Alcohol is conventionally classified as a depressant, not as a hallucinogen.

It's both a stimulant and a hallucinogen.

A Hallucinogen can range from many types of drugs theres no way to take hallucinogen its simply a Class for drugs

No, heroin is classified as an opiate, which is a form a narcotic not a hallucinogen.

Empathogen with stimulant properties and a hallucinogen.

Yes, PCP is a hallucinogen. It is known for its psychodelic effects on the brain.

Ecstasy is a speed based hallucinogen. So yes

Ketamine is a disassociative psychedelic (can be called a hallucinogen) with depressant properties. Hallucinogen and depressant are not mutually exclusive (many have an amphetamine base) .

Only some organic solvents have a hallucinogen effect.

Not a hallucinogen. It is either a stimulant, depressant or both depending on the strain.

Hallucinogen - musician - was born on 1971-10-28.

Amphetamine is not a hallucinogen. There are psychedelic amphetamines (many phenylethylamines) but amphetamine itself is not a hallucinogen or psychedelic.

Salvia is considered the strongest natural hallucinogen if you consider strength as the dose needed for a certain effect. DMT is the strongest natural hallucinogen if you consider the possible strength of the experience.

No it is a hallucinogen.

No, it is a stimulant.

A hallucinogen is neither a stimulant nor a depressant. Hallucinogens are their own, separate class of drugs.

Twisted - Hallucinogen album - was created on 1995-10-16.

Of heroin, mescaline, and PCP, heroin is not a hallucinogen. Heroin is an opioid derived from morphine.

No meth is not a hallucinogen itself, however meth use will cause insomnia which then leads to sleep deprivation, and its the sleep deprivation that causes the so called "meth hallucinations". but no meth is not a hallucinogen, its a psycho stimulant

Neither. A hallucinogen.

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