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General election

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Q: Which is not a method of nominating candidates?
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What earliest method of nominating candidates for office was the legislative?

caucus :)

What is the most common method for nominating candidates for office?

caucus system

After losing favor in 1828 what is the earliest method of nominating candidates for office?

The earliest method of nominating a candidate for political office was known as a caucus or convention

In the method of nominating candidates delegates are chosen by the counties to meet and decide the party's candidates to be put on the ballot what is the method called?

primary election

What early method of nominating political candidates required?

An early method of nominating political candidates required meetings called caucuses. At a caucus people decided on candidates based on the difference between their negative and positive aspects. Caucuses are used today and are very important in the nomination process.

The least democratic method for nominating candidates is the........ a.caucus b.convention primary d.petition...........?


What was not a measure advocated by the progressives?

national conventions for nominating presidential candidates.

A method of nominating candidates for public office in which only registered members of a party can vote is?

A closed-vote primary (restricted to party members)

Candidates are supported by non-nominating?

interest groups

Which is not a function of a state party chairperson?

nominating candidates

Candidates are supported by non nominating?

interest groups

What was the small short-lived third political party that originated a new method of nominating presidential candidates in the election campaign of 1831-1832?


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