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Q: Which is not a step most scientific investigations?
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What steps would be the first step in most scientific investigations?

They will :review the problemuse context clues to figure out the information neededresearch and report data given in notebook

What is the first step in a scientific investigations?

the first step is always the hypothesis but i say it's the identification of the problem which comes first... that's what they taught us in school...

When was Commission for Scientific Investigations in Greenland created?

Commission for Scientific Investigations in Greenland was created in 1878.

Why would scientific investigations lead to new scientific investigations?

Because you repeat investigation to look for errors.

Recent scientific investigations that has contribute to the enrichment of human knowledge?

All scientific investigations are of benefit to us in some way. The most recent? How about the discovery of water on Mars? Or the mapping of DNA molecules?

Leonardo da Vinci's depictions of the human form were based on?

his own scientific investigations.

Why does a scientist repeat scientific investigations?

Scientists often repeat scientific investigations to verify that the results for a hypothesis or a group of hypotheses are correct. This can lead to a scientific theory.

Did Benjamin Franklin conduct safe scientific investigations?

did Benjamin Franklin conduct safe scientific investigations and how effectively did he communicate his cloncusions

Why was Leonardo da Vinci able to depict the human form accurately?

Leonardo de Vinco was able to correctly depict the human form because of his scientific investigations.

What are different types of scientific investigations?


What are the different types of scientific investigations?

a hypothesis

What is The way scientist do investigations?

Scientific method