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to make energy-carrier molecules like NADPH


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Q: Which is role of photosystem in the light reactions?
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How do the reaction centers of photosystem you and II differ?

Photosystem 1 has chlorophyll a molecule which absorbs maximum light of 700 nm and is called P700 whereas photosystem 2 has chlorophyll a molecule which absorbs light of 680 nm and is called P680.

What is the role of H2SO4 in grignard reactions?

what is role of iodine in grignard reaction

Where do the electron get their energy in photosystem 1?

They pass through a series of compounds to photosystem I, losing energy along the way. Photosystem I, like photosystem II, emits high-energy electrons in the light, and the electrons from photosystem II replace these. Photosystem II contains chlorophyll molecules. When a photon (quantum of light) reaches one of these chlorophyll molecules, the light energy activates an electron. This is then passed to the reaction center of the photosystem, where there are two molecules of chlorophyll P680. These pass the electrons to plastoquinone, which, like the chlorophylls, is embedded in the thylakoid membrane. The plastoquinone changes its position within the membrane, and passes the electrons to cytochromes b6 and f. At this stage the electrons part with a significant proportion of their energy, which is used to pump protons (H+) into the thylakoid lumen. These protons will later be used to generate ATP by chemiosmosis. The electrons now pass to plastocyanin, which is outside the membrane on the lumen side. Photosystem I is affected by light in much the same way as photosystem II. Chlorophyll P700 passes an activated electron to ferredoxin, which is in the stroma (the liquid outside the thylakoid). Ferredoxin in turn passes the electrons on, reducing NADP+ to NADPH + H+. Photosystem I accepts electrons from plastocyanin. So, effectively, photosystem II donates electrons to photosystem I, to replace those lost from photosystem I in sunlight. How does photosystem II recover electrons? When it loses an electron, photosystem II becomes an oxidizing agent, and splits water: 2H2O forms 4H+ + 4e- + O2. The electrons return photosystem II to its original state, and the protons add to the H+ concentration in the thylakoid lumen, for later use in chemiosmosis. The oxygen diffuses away.

The reactions that convert the energy in sunlight into chemical energy of ATP and NADPH?

Light Reactions.

What in the role of oxygen in the production of ATP?

Oxygen's RoleAt the end of the electron transport chain in the mitochondria, electrons are donated to oxygen (O2), which combines with hydrogen ions to form water. Without the O2 molecules to accept the electrons, the electron transport chain couldn't function.

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Which is a role a photosystem 2 in the light reactions?

Splitting H2o

Which is a role of photosystem 11 in the light reactions?

splitting h2o

Which role is of photosystem ii in the light reactions?

Splitting H2O (Apex)

Which is the role of a photosystem I in the light reactions?

To make energy-carrier molecules like NADPH

What is a role of photosystem 2 in light reactions?

Photosystem two produces O2, ATP, and NADP+

How do photosystem 1 and 2 allow the calvin cycle to work?

No. Photosystems I and II are where light-dependent reactions occur, while the Calvin Cycle is where light-independent reactions occur. Photosynthesis begins with Photosystem II, then Photosystem I, then the products from there go to the Calvin Cycle. (yes photosystem II comes before photosystem I)

Water participates directly in the light reactions of photosynthesis by?

Water participates directly in the light reactions of photosynthesis by donating electrons to photosystem II. Photosystem I and photosystem II both contain chlorophyll as molecules.

What is the role of photosystem ll in the light reactions?

we call it calvin cycle. It is making glucose.

Which is a role in photosystem in the light reactions?

it is the first phase. it is making NADPh and ATP.

Which is a role of photosystem 1 in the light reactions?

to make energy-carrier molecules like NADPH Apex

How does water participate in the light reactions of photosynthesis?

Donating electrons to photosystem 2

What two types of reactions occur during photosynthesis?

The two reactions which occur during photosynthesis are light reaction and dark reaction. Light reaction takes place only in the presence of light. Dark reaction can occur with or without light.