Which is safest front facing or rear facing car seat?

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front facing because if the seat is the wrong way how can you see out the window
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Which seat in the car is the safest to place a child safety seat?

%REPLIES%. Answer . If the vehicle has two rows, the middle of the back seat. If the vehicle has 3 rows, the middle of the second seat.. Answer . And that just about says it all. Even with side impact protection, airbags, door beams etc, the safest place for any child seat is as far as pos ( Full Answer )

How do you install a rear facing infant car seat in a 1998 Pontiac Sunfire?

Installing a car seat . Installing a car seat depends on the make of the car seat as much as the make of the car. You should call the local State Police for assistance in installing car seats. Hospitals offer assistance with this. If neither of these can help you, either of them will be able ( Full Answer )

Can you put two rear-facing car seats in a 2007 Ford Mustang Coupe?

Answer . You can do anything. It probably wont be cheap though. Bring the car to a couple of different shops to see what they would charge. Usually the way the car comes off the line is the way it is best designed. They will have to see if turning the seats around and rebolting them, will interf ( Full Answer )

When can you turn an infant car seat face front?

Answer . According to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) baby should be rear facing until at least 1 year of age AND 20 lbs, although ideally for as long as it's permitted by the car seat manufacturer.

Can you tow a convertible facing the rear?

What do you mean by "Tow", are you talking about tethering? If so, then the answer is "depends on the seat". There are a very small handful of seats that will allow you to tether rear-facing. Read your owners manual.. Jen E. - Ceritified Child Passenger Safety Technician of 6 years.

What pickup trucks can accommodate two forward-facing child's car seats in the back seats?

Hi, I have TWO children and I have had TWO pickup trucks.... So, ANY full size pickup with four doors will easily hold two forward facing car seats. Mid-size and smaller pickups with four doors MAY hold two seats but a trial fit would be required to be sure. Pickups with the smaller rear doo ( Full Answer )

What rear facing infant car seats work best in a ford mustang?

I have the Graco Safeseat. It has been wonderful. Our daughter is 16 months old now and still comfortably fits in her rear facing seat. I am currently searching for a forward facing. You can't be a very tall person and sit in front of the carseat. Not with any type. But it can be done...you just hav ( Full Answer )

What age do you face infant car seat forward?

well there are 2 things that your bby must reach first 1) your baby must be at least a year old. 2) your baby should be at least 20 lbs. Also make sure you child safety seat is neither too big or too small for your baby. We are worried about the safety of your beautiful child so ensure the seat is p ( Full Answer )

Cars with front bench seats?

the front seat will be like that of rear one, i.e it will not be 2separate seats in front.so it may afford more than 2 personcomfortably in front

Can you install a rear-facing infant seat in toyoto corolla 2000?

We have a 2001 which i think has the same body as yours and tried this today. The graco snugride was too big. The chico keyfit 30 fit a little bit better. On the chico the handle is a little lower than the graco and could fit through the rear door better. The chico is also about an inch or two short ( Full Answer )

Why is a backward facing car seat safer for an infant than a seat that faces forward during a collision or abrupt stop?

Its safer for the seat to be facing backwards, because during a collision or an abrupt stop the infant would not be able to slip out of the car seat, and also so the infant will not choke on the car seat's seat belt. It is also safer to have an infant/child to be sitting in the back seat and not in ( Full Answer )

When can a child's car seat face forward?

It is recommended by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety that all children should ride rear-facing in back seats until they are 2 years of age or until they reach the height and weight limit of their child restraints. When children reach the height and weight limits of their infant seats, ( Full Answer )

The front or face of a building is called?

Facade. The word comes from the French "frontage" or "face," sincethe facade faces the street. Many facades are historicarchitectural elements, and are subject to strict regulations.

How to make a Movie projector make front projector to rear facing?

Conventional projection uses a projector in front of the screen, hence the term "front projection". It is also possible to project from the rear of a translucent screen, "rear projection". The problem with rear projection is that the image will be reversed left to right. Video projectors all have ( Full Answer )

The safest positon for a child seat in a 4 seat car?

In the rear seat facing backward. - - - - - - - According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), rear seats are safest place for infants and children. Placing children in back instead of the front reduces injury risk by 64 percent for newborns to 8 year-olds and reduces the risk by 3 ( Full Answer )

What direction should a child car seat face?

This would depend on the age of your child. All children should ride rear-facing in back seats until they are 2 years of age or until they reach the height and weight limit of their child restraints. When children reach the height and weight limits of their infant seats, they should be moved to c ( Full Answer )

What is front and face?

Well obviously is the front of something in your face. What's with people and obvious questions these days? GOSH GIVE IT A REST.

Why do army aircraft seats face backwoods?

Backward seats are proven to be less damaging to a person in an aircraft accident. Your forward momentum is reduced by, at the minimum, 26g. Standard airplanes don't have backward seats because the passengers want to be able to see what's ahead of them. Backward seats do actually save lives.

Why do emos have hair in front of their face?

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Can your 8 month infant face forward in his car seat?

well, yes, but it is lots better to face backwards because the seat belt can easily wrap around it. hope that's helpful! :) Also, if you want to get complicated--- According to the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) baby should be rear facing until at least 1 year of age AND 20 lbs, although i ( Full Answer )

How do you install a rear facing seat in a 2000 solara?

While there are rear facing seats in limousines and rear facing seats in some older 9 passenger station wagons (commonly referred to as the 'barf' seat) installing one in a Solara presents special challenges. The biggie, it's only a 2-door car so climbing in and out of the back is already a little d ( Full Answer )

What is a vga front facing camera?

VGA is used for a few reasons. 1. You don't take photos with it - quality not as much of an issue. 2. Saves battery power 3. Uses less data for streaming your video calls over the network 4. The resolution is made for the screen itself, not for using picture captures on other media / screen ( Full Answer )

Which seat in the car is the safest to place a child?

The backseat and specifically in the middle where the child would be away from glass. Placing him in the front seat would put him in danger because he would be surrounded by glass from 2 sides.

What are the safest car seat brands?

Some of the safest car seat brands are Koler, Graco, Britax and there are some other brands that are available for consumers to purchase as safe car seats.

What are the safest car seats available for babies?

Car seats are important for anyone with a baby or child under four feet eleven inches tall. The website Consumer Reports states that the safest car seats for babies are those from the brands Britax and Graco.