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Which is the best fossil to get in ruby?


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The claw fossle is better... BUT after you beat the elite four, go into the house in route 114 the fossil maniac's house and go ito the cave he busted open. at the end of the cave there is the opposite fossil of wich you got in the desert. there is also lots of dittos in there!!!

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IT is in the mountain where you fight a guy and you get to choose which fossil to get

You can't. In ruby and sapphire you can only get one of the fossils.

You use the claw fossil to get armoldo and aniroth

it is in the top right of the desert. you can choose between it and the claw fossil

you get it at the corner of the desert

The dome fossil is only in firered and leafgreen, you can get the claw fossil or some other fossil, the claw fossil is anorith the other one is lileep.

Take to the second floor of Devon Corp. and talk to one of the professors. They will revive the fossil.

He doesn't finish his cave in Ruby. That only takes place in Emerald.

You get TM28 Dig from the Fossil Maniac's brother on Route 114.

go to the fossil maniacs house and talk to the little girl

u simply take it to a sientist in mr.stones building

go to the man on the east side of the first city

I don't think you can, in emerald you need the nationaldex and POW! it's open but in ruby and sapphire you can't.

When you have defeated Flannery May/Brendan will meet oyu and give you goggle. Go into the desert and go to the bump on the top right hand corner - root fossil/claw fossil.

Get the claw fossil from Mirage Tower in the desert. Go to the second floor of the Devon building. One of the people will revive the fossil. Go outside and come back in to claim your Anorith. Get it to level 40 and... CONGRATULATIONS! Your Anorith has evolved into Armaldo! If you get the root fossil... you can't get the other in Ruby so...sorry.

Lilleep comes from it, which evolves into a Cradily. The other fossil has an Anorith, which evolves into an Armaldo. Good luck, Trainer!

In Pokemon Ruby, the TM Dig is given to the player by the Fossil Maniac's little bother. Their house is just outside Fallarbor Town.

As soon as you give it leave the whole building go back inside talk to the guy who took the fossil to receive your very own Lileep(root fossil) or Anorith(claw fossil).

In saphire, ruby, and emerald, you can get the TM Dig in the fossil maniac's home in Fallarbor town from the little boy.

i say the best Pokemon in ruby probably are rayquaza and groudon latias and latios

Nothing really, he just gives you a "Dig" TM.

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