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There is no best software for anything. There is something that is good for you. If you want smth complex and extremely powerful go for Zend Studio. If smth free and handy go for Notepad++.

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Where can one find a free PHP editor?

There are many free PHP editors available online. You can check out the Free PHP Editor website, or download "Davor's PHP Editor". If you need one for Mac OSX, try Netbeans.

What is difference PHP over other language?

This is best for web designing and web applications, The first best benefit is php is free of cost and accompanied by mysql (free RDBMS) , Apache (free web server). lot of help and resources available for php.

How do you create a text editor in PHP?

Well it got nothing to do with PHP, you going to need JavaScript to do that :)

What's the best free pdf editor out there? Here is a compilation of reviews, as you can see, there really is no best but there are many which are very easy to use and they're also all free!

What is a good free Photoshop editor?

Photoshop is picture editor,what you mean?good picture editor?best free picture editors are GIMP and Picasa,i recommend to you Picasa

What program can read php file?

PHP files are plain text, so you can read them with your text editor or IDE of choice.

What is the best free photo editor download available?


How can you read php file?

Open it up in a text editor such as notepad

What is the best free downloadable image editor?

You should use a graphics pen and reader and use an Image editor, Photoshop is the best!Adobe Photoshop is the best image editor and is the industry standard, however it costs $649free image editorGIMPPaint.netall u r find on this link

What is the best free photo editor?

I personally love photoscape. Its completely free and easy to use.

Where can I find free php codes?

Ratinonal program in php

How do you open php files in 3d max?

PHP is a programming language. Unless 3D max has a programming interface of some kind, you can't open php files with it. You can open a PHP file with notepad or any other text editor.

What is the best free question and asnwers script platform based on php?

same like this site...

How do you open a PHP file on your computer?

To open up a PHP file on your computer you need to open it in a text editor such as notepad, Dreamweaver, PSPad and there are many more out there!

How save PHP file in window?

Assuming you meant windows the OS then you should write it in a text editor such as notepad and save it with the extension .php. You then need to install a web server with PHP installed such as WAMP or XAMPP to run it.

Does anyone offer PHP Programming services for free?

Most online programming services will charge for PHP programming service. However, there are many free PHP programming tutorials available.

Is Hiring PHP Developers from India the best?

Yes, it is indeed the best choice to have hire a PHP Delepers from india, they are known for the best PHP Developers compare to the other countries.

What is the best free rmvb encoder?

Try 'SUPER'. It is a encoder as well as e editor and for free..

Where can one purchase a PHP DOM manuel?

One can purchase a PHP DOM manual from stores like eBay or Amazon. One can look at other customer's review before buying in order to get the best item. Though there are PHP DOM manuals available online for free from PHP website.

What free downloading platform would be best to download PHP tutorials?

It would be better if you just view them online. There is enough material available on the web for PHP. If you still want to download and view it offline, then I suggest one of the PHP E-books

What is the best free music software?

Audacity is probably the best, most popular free multi track sound recorder/editor. It is available for Windows, Mac or Linux.

How do you edit a PHP file?

Open it in Notepad. Add or remove whatever code you want. To test, you will have to upload it to a PHP enabled webhost, or you will need to install MySQL, PHP, and Apache on your computer. Use Editor to edit the PHP file. Example: Notepad++ , editplus ,Zend IDE ,Netbeans IDE

Where can you get free e-books on php? use google and google books

What is the best free movie editing software?

There are several depending on what you want to do. FileLab Video Editor is very good for general video editing. VSDC Free Video Editor is good for advanced editing, such as green screen.

What is the best free movie editor online?

Video Pad or Video Spin. Both are relatively the same.

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