Which is the density of latex?

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The density of latex is about 920 to 960 kg/m3 or 0.92 to 0.96 g/cm3. The SI density standard is kg/m3.

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Q: Which is the density of latex?
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How much does a cubic centimeter of latex weigh?

Density of latex is 0.920 - 0.960 grams per cubic centimeter.

What is the density of a gallon of paint?

Most latex house paints have a density/weight between 9-10 pounds. It depends on the amount of resin and pigment added.

Can you paint semi gloss latex over high gloss latex?

Latex bonds to latex, regardless of gloss.

Who invented latex?

just latex

What are latex gloves made out of?


Does latex paint dissolve in water?

yes because latex paint is latex paint

Is latex plastic?

No. Latex is a natural rubber.

Is it latex or enamel?

It's probably latex

What would be the downsides to a latex fetish?

Latex fetishism is an attraction to wearing latex (including latex body paints), to latex items or clothing, or to sexual partners wearing latex garments. Its primary downside is that it can be dangerous. Wearing a large amount of latex can, in some cases, cause the body to overheat or suffocate.

DO balloons have latex in them?

Yes, balloons are made of latex. Correction: Most balloons contain latex. However, some do not as some people are allergic to latex.

What are the pros and cons of a latex mattress?

It is very dense (typically 4 lb/cubic foot density) and a quality mattress core of latex will last virtually forever. Latex mattress cores (this is the industry term for the piece of latex used to make the mattress and they tend to be 5" or 6" thick) are always made with holes in them (called pincore holes) - these holes soften the latex and make it comfortable. The larger the holes, the softer the latex core will feel. Most latex mattresses just have one size of holes through the whole mattress so the mattress has a uniform feel throughout. Some cores, though, are made with different sections of latex with different sized holes. This allows the bed to have different zones - softer under the shoulders and feet and firmer under the hips. Finally, many latex beds layer other materials (whether softer latex or memory foam, etc) on top of the latex core to give the bed a softer or more yielding feel. Latex mattresses have a nice bouncy feel and they are very supportive.

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