Which is the first cinemascope Nepali movie?

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What is difference between 35mm 70mm and cinemascope films?

There are a lot of film formats created for showing video. 35mm or 70mm denotes the projection gauge or width of the release print film. A number of film formats produce release prints of the width 35mm and 70mm. The major difference in film formats is the aspect ratio of the rendered picture. The a ( Full Answer )

What is the size of CinemaScope films?

The CinemaScope wide screen motion picture process employs 35mm film, the same film guage most commonly used since the beginning of the motion picture indfustry.

Who became the nepali tara2?

i think Santosh Lama win the Nepali Tara2 title. Because he is known as versatile singer and i also agree with the thinking. He is a great performer too. So he must win the title.

When did cinemascope begin?

Although the anamorphic lens on which the wide screen motion picture process CinemaScope is based was developed in the 1920s by Frenchman Henri Chretien, the lens was publically demonstrated for the first time in the United States under the trademark "CinemaScope" on September 16, 1953, at New York ( Full Answer )

How do you say thank you in Nepali?

Dhanyabad , though truthfully the word is not used as much. It seems odd, but in rural villages the people are so confused by us constantly saying thank you that guides have to go ahead and explain the situation to them. There is also no word for You're welcome in Nepali. Source: Lived in Nep ( Full Answer )

What is the nepali traditional wedding dress?

If you are talking about Hindu Nepali wedding dress then it is a heavy red saree that is made up of mix of red and golden thread. It is almost like banarasi saree from India but much heavier. The blouse is typically newari style which is very different from Indian blouse.

How do you say happy Christmas in Nepali?

क्रस्मसको शुभकामना तथा नयाँ वर्षको शुभकामना (krismas ko subhakamana tatha nayabarsha ko subhakamana) Mer ( Full Answer )

How do you say hello in Nepali?

If you are saying it to a girl you say Nameste Soltini If you are saying it to a boy you say: Nameste Solta You can just say Nameste, if you want though. Source: Native

What are the CinemaScope films?

Thousands of theatrical motion pictures worldwide have been filmed and exhibited in an anamorphic wide screen process such as CinemaScope or Panavision since 1953 whe the the motion picture industry (20th Century Fox) intriduced CinemaScope with the world premiere of The Robe on Seopt3ember 16 at ( Full Answer )

How many letters are there in Nepali alphabet?

36 It is 36 Consonants + 13 vowels .. so total 49. If we ignore vowels then they are 21 letters in English. if it is not true with English then it is not true with Nepali either

Are Nepalis Aryans?

certain tribes in Nepal are believed to have migrated from Russia and central Asia in 2000 B.C. and are direct descendants of the Indo-Aryan race...

Where can you find translation for Nepali language?

It would be better to find any translation agency or translators for this propose. You can search agencies and translators online. I found these sites perfect for English to Nepali and Nepali to English translation on the links below.

Why are there so many Nepalis in India?

Answer . Nepal has suffered from insurrection for a number of years and thousands of Nepalese took refuge in India. Things have become somewhat calmer in the last year, but many Nepalese find India to provide a higher standard of living.

What movie was the first movie in 3D?

Some one-reelers were made in 1915. The first full length 3D filmwas "Power of Love" (1922). It starred Elliot Sparling, BarbaraBedford. For a fuller answer, Google 'Firsts in the recording of sight andsound'.

How do you say I like you in Nepali?

qui on a maplle en frought dis ghtuh hope this helps! check out this site google translator it will help you nto work things out in futur !

Why Nepalis don't like Muslims?

It is not true. There are many Muslim Nepalis as well as non Muslim Nepalis and living together in peace and mutual respect.

What do the Nepali flags mean?

The crimson/red color is a traditional Nepalese color and the blue outlined edge represents the country's peaceful nature. The two triangular portions of the Nepalese flag represent the Himalayan Mountains and the two main religions of the nation - which are Buddhism and Hinduism. The moon and sun o ( Full Answer )

What are Nepali?

Nepali are the people lived in Nepal, or native or an inhabitant of Nepal .

What is the name of Nepali martial arts?

Nepali Martial Arts is 'Nepal Combat Art'. Style: Combat Jujitsu / Military Arts Nepal Khukuri Martial Arts (Khukuri, kukuri means nepali knife)

How are you in nepali?

I'm not. No-one is. There is no such place as nepali. There is Nepal. There is me. The question to ask would be something like:- If you are in Nepal, how is your life on a day-to-day basis? Obviously, learning Nepalese might help in this endeavour. The stupid answer to the question ( Full Answer )

Why Americans are rich but Nepali are not?

becoz there r international markets established in America to get employement,literacy rate and education rate is very high,and exactly opposite is the case of Nepal...........

Is nepali people Chinese?

No, Nepal is a pretty small country but, has diverse population. People in the north look like Chinese, in the south, they resemble Indians and in the middle, they look slightly different from those. But They are far from resembling with Chinese in every sense. Culture is completely different.

Who compose nepali national song?

Nepal's national anthem, titled "Sayaun Thunga Phool Ka", was written by poet Pradeep Kumar Rai (alias Byakul Maila). The music was composed by Amber Gurung.

Is there any organisation of Fiji nepali?

Ask the Indian High Commission at: 7th Floor, LICI House Butt Street P.O. Box 471 Suva, Fiji Tel: (679) 3301125 Fax: (679) 3301032 E-mail: highcomindsuva@connect.com.fj for nepali fijian communities etc.

Do nepali and Mexican get along well?

I would say so. I am Nepali guy going out with a Mexican girl. So far everything is going good and we love each other very much. I hope to get married to this girl one day.

What is parsley called in nepal or nepali?

Ajmodh is hindi name for parsley. This is for garnishing the dish. Hardly available in Nepali market. The good substitute of parsley is Coriander. That is Dhaniya in Nepali.

Where can you read nepali books online?

There are lots of websites where you can read Nepali stories, poems and other stuffs. But there are very few website where you can read Nepali books. If you want to read full Nepali Novels, then you can go to This looks like a new website but they are updating their website regularly so we can expec ( Full Answer )

How do you propose a nepali girl?

first u see a girl every day who u love and 3-4days u dont look her and after few day and u go infront of her and say u look beatiful when u angry and say your words .....

Is valid nepali license in India?

Yes, it is valid in India. I have bought a car in India using my Nepalese driving licence and also the cops have agreed to it .

Is Nepali girls are good?

yes. nepali girls are gorgeous... i once dated a very handsome nepali boy when i was in nepal and his sister was really cute and they have very fair skin..!!

What is called black millet in Nepali?

Black millet is called 'MAS' or simply 'KALO DAL' in nepali language. MAS is typically cooked in a black iron pot over mild heat. When it is ready it looks like completely black soup. It has lots of iron content and help to maintain iron content in blood.

What are some examples of Nepali movies?

Nepali film movies are those that are produced by the Nepalese film companies. Some examples of Nepali movies are Aama, Sindoor, Bandalink Aakash (also called The Changing Sky), Arunima, and Koseli (also called The Gift).

What language are Nepali songs in?

Nepali itself is a language, spoken by at least 17 million people living in Nepal. Actually "Nepali" is the official language in that area. So by the end of the day "Nepali songs" are sung in "Nepali".

How nepali himalaya formed?

The Himalayas are among the youngest mountain ranges on the planet and consist mostly of uplifted sedimentary and metamorphic rock. According to the modern theory of plate tectonics, their formation is a result of a continental collision or orogeny along the convergent boundary between the Indo-Aust ( Full Answer )

What is the website for the Nepali news?

Nepali news can be viewed on several different news websites. The websites in which Nepali news can be viewed are Online Newspapers, and another is Ekantipur.