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This question has two answers. The gospels are traditionally placed in the order: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, so the first is Matthew. However, there is very strong evidence that Mark was the first gospel to be written, and that Matthew and Luke used Mark as their primary sources, so Mark was the first gospel written.

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Q: Which is the first gospel of the New Testament?
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Was Matthew's gospel the first written book of the New Testament?

Matthew is the first book in the new testament.

Where is the gospel taken from what section of the Bible?

The gospels are the first four books of the New Testament: The Gospel of Matthew, The Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of Luke and the Gospel of John.

Who wrote the first gospel in the Bible?

It is Mark.Matthewmost shcolastic agree that Mark wrote the gospel before the others but the gospel by Matthew was put first in the new testament.

What gospel comes before Mark's Gospel in the Bible?

Mark's Gospel is believed to have been the first New Testament gospel to be written, but it is usually listed second in the New Testament. It follows Matthew's Gospel.

Where in the new testament did Jesus Christ first appear?

Jesus came first in the gospel of Matthew.

How many of the New Testament books are called the Gospels?

In the new testament only a total of four books are called the goospel books. They are the gospel of Matthew, the gospel of Mark, the gospel Luke and the last gospel the gospel of John.

What testament is John's gospel in?


What is the fist book in the New Testament?

The first book of the NT is the gospel of Matthew, although Mark wrote his gospel first (50 of the common era).

What comes before mark in the new testament?

In the current order of New Testament writings, the Gospel of Matthew is first in order. This does not mean it was written first or is superior in any way.

Who was the first evangelist and wrote a gospel in Hebrew?

It has long been assumed that the first gospel to be written was Matthew's Gospel. After all, it is usually the first gospel in the New Testament, and the second-century Church Fathers came to that conclusion, believing it to have been written in Hebrew.However, New Testament scholars now know that Mark's Gospel was the first New Testament gospel to be written, and that all the gospels were actually written in Greek. We do not really know the names of the gospel authors, as they were all written anonymously until speculatively attributed to the persons whose names they now bear, later in the second century.

Does reading from the Old Testament come before the New Testament in a Mass?

Yes, the readings usually follow the plan: Old Testament, Psalm, New Testament (Epistle or other non-Gospel reading), Alleluia verse, Gospel in a Sunday Mass. The Second reading is omitted during the week, and the first reading may be from either the Old Testament or the New Testament.

What are four sections of the New Testament?

The four sections of the New Testament are: 1) The Gospels2) The Acts of the Apostles3) The Epistles4) The Book of Revelation