Which is the function of matlab?

Updated: 10/19/2022
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matlab stands for matrix laboratory..

the function of matlab to create different types of signal and observe them .and their are so many different functions of matlab like,

simulink fuzzy logic,simply arithmetic ,GUI etc

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Q: Which is the function of matlab?
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How do you implement awgn in MATLAB without using awgn function?

no way... use awgn function in matlab

Code for circular convolution matlab?

Please check the help files of the matlab circular convolution . Matlab already has a readymade function for it.

How do you modulate in matlab without using matlab tools?

You would have to write your own code for a modulation (Matlab has a convolution function not in the tools), otherwise you can use its built in function in the signal processing toolbox.

How do you define fitness function in GAtool matlab?


Matlab program for FM demodulation?

Matlab has a built-in function called "demod" in the communications (signal processing) toolbox where you can specify 'fm' for frequency demodulation.

How do you convert sequence of images to video in matlab?

You can do this by selecting the sequence of images you want to animate and then using the Matlab's function called "im2frame". This will result in a video.

What is function of zeros command in matlab?

zeros makes a matrix of the specified dimension, filled with zeros.

What is the language used in matlab?

The language used in MATLAB is also called MATLAB. It is a high-level programming language that is designed for numerical and scientific computing. MATLAB was created to provide a simple and efficient way to solve complex mathematical problems and perform data analysis.

How do you plot Dirac function in MATLAB?

To plot each value of a vector as a dirac impulse, try stem instead of plot.

Wahi ka matlab?

Wahi ka matlab

How do you work out the numerator of a transfer function?

G(s)= 60Ka / s(s+2)(s+6) what is the numerator you have to use in MATLAB?

Download free matlab solutions?

Matlab is a licensed software. But if we require Matlab material or documentation, we can get it from its official website.