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  1. Galaxy and Milky Way (The milky Way IS a galaxy)
  2. Earth
  3. Mars.

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No. Our entire solar system is located within the Milky Way Galaxy. The largest object between Mars and Venus is Earth.

Mars and Earth are planets in a galaxy called the Milky Way, inside the universe.

basically the milky way is a galaxy and our solar system(earth, sun, mars, etc.) is part of that galaxy.

Mars, like Earth, is in the Milky Way galaxy. The next nearest galaxy is the Andromeda galaxy, which is about 14,696,575,000,000,000,000 miles away.

Mars is in the same galaxy that we are in: the Milky Way.

There is no galaxy named Mars...but if you are asking what galaxy Mars is in... it's in ours, the Milky Way.

Mars belongs to our own galaxy ( often called the Milky Way )

solar system in the milky way galaxy

Milky Way, same as ours!

Mars and all the rest of the Solar System are in a small region of the Milky Way galaxy that is all around us.

The Earth and Mars are in the same star system, and therefore are also in the same galaxy.

yes it is a galaxy which the sun, moon, earth, jupiter, saturn, pluto, uranus, neptune, venus, mercury and mars are on.

bounty, mars, milky way, galaxy caramel, galaxy, galaxy truffle, teasers (malteasers), snickers, sometimes topic and/or twix.

No. The Milky Way is the name given to the galaxy in which we live. Mars is a planet, so it can't "have" a Milky Way. It is instead a plant in a solar system that is part of the Milky Way. However, the same Milky Way that is visible here would be visible from Mars, if there was anyone there to see it.

Mars (and every other planet in our solar system) is nowhere near the center of the galaxy. About 75,000 light years...

Moon, Milky way galaxy, mars and many others.

Fourth planet from the sun in the milky way galaxy.

Yes. The view of the stars on Mars is the same as it is on Earth.

Galaxy they also make Milky Ways, Little Stars and Maltesers Galaxy they also make Milky Ways, Little Stars and Maltesers

it is right by earth and venus

Same as Earth. The distance from Earth to Mars is insignificant in comparison to the distance scales in the Milky Way. - About 20,000 light-years.

Yes. The sun and the moon are part of our solar system (sun earth moon mars jupiter saturn etc). Our solar system is part of the milky way galaxy.And to really blow your mind check out the Hubble Deep Field

Neptune > Earth > Mars > Mercury Largest ---> Smallest

Earth is larger than Mars, but Earth is not the largest planet.

From largest to smallest, we'll have Neptune, Earth, Mars and Mercury.

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