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Q: Which is the most efficient lamp and justify?
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If a reading lamp converts 100J of electrical energy into 20J of light how efficient is the lamp?

Eff = Output/Input.

What are the best table lamps that provide good energy efficient lighting?

A table lamp with a fluorescent or LED bulb provides excellent energy efficient lighting. Almost any lamp can accommodate a compact fluorescent or LED bulb which makes any fixture more efficient.

What is the superlative of efficient?

The superlative of efficient is "most efficient."

How is Dubai lamp more energy efficient than other bulbs?

It is an LED bulb.

Bus topology is the most popular topology justify?

Bus topology is the most popular topology. Justify.

What is the advantage of having a brushed nickel floor lamp?

The advantage of having a brushed nickel floor lamp is that it is energy efficient. Another advantage of having this lamp is that it has a good finish and it does not take up much space in a room.

Which is the most efficient gear?

Spur Gear is the most efficient

What is the comparative for efficient?

More efficient and most efficient are the comparative and superlative forms of "efficient".

What of the simple machines is the most efficient?

A screw is the most efficient.

How do you choose qualified lamp?

The first thing to consider is where you will be placing the lamp and what function it will serve in the room, for instance will it be decorative or functional. Things to look for in a lamp is longevity, design, and convenience, and if it will be energy efficient. One great tip when choosing a long lasting lamp is the length of the warranty. It is a great indicator of how long the lamp with continue functioning.

What is the green efficient squiggly light bulb called?

Florescent light-bulbs CFL Compact Fluorescent Lamp

What molecules are most efficient at storing energy?

ATP is the most efficient molecule