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bromide is extremely reactive and mostly and quickly combines with anything but the most common is hydrogen While it is true that bromine is reactive and never found in its free state, the question here is "what element is most likely to react with bromine". Although the conditions of the reaction have an influence and mean there can be more than one answer to this question, the most common form of bromine found in ocean water or the earth's crust is sodium bromide, and, more theoretically, sodium is more reactive than hydrogen. Sodium has reacted with the most bromine because sodium itself is quite abundant, and, like bromine, is extremely reactive. The combination of bromine and hydrogen, hydrogen bromide, is almost always manufactured synthetically. Any free HBr in the environment would quickly react with soil or water constituents and most likely would form sodium bromide.

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Q: Which is the most likely element to react with bromine?
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In element bromine what ion is it most likely to form in compounds?

It is most likely to form Br-

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Bromine, which is represented by the chemical symbol Br, is very corrosive with most other elements. The only element I could find it does not react with is water.

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The most likely element is bromine.

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it is actually bromine(Br):)

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Hydrogen fluoride is the most reactive compound in this group (not element).

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Under most readily achieved temperature and pressure conditions, bromine gas exists as diatomic molecules. Bromine is always an element.

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Bromine is the most complicated

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most bromides are solids but the element bromine is a liquid.

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Most metals and some non metals.

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A new element is most likely metal because it gives people the most boners

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The bromine oxide decomposed into bromine and oxygen.

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