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Georgie Henley attended Moor fields School for girls in Ikley.

I know this cause i used to know her and go there as well.

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Q: Which junior school did Georgie Henley attend?
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Where georgie henley school?

georgie henley attends the Bradford Grammar School.

Where is Georgie Henley's school?

Bradford Grammar School

Georgie Henley goes to which school?

Georgie Henley is in YEAR 9, not year 10 or 9th grade. She goes to Bradford Grammar School

What is Georgie Henley favourite school subject?


What school does Georgie Henley attend?

Bradford Grammar School. And she's in year 10 or 9th grade as all of us in America call it 9th grade

Witch school does georgie henley go?

Bradford Grammar School. Source:

What school Georgie Henley goes to?

She currently attends Bradford Grammar School.I don't know which grade though,sorry!

Is georgie henley's school in Yorkshire?

i don't know, but she defiantly goes to Bradford Grammar School, because i go there and i saw here the other day.

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If you send a letter to Georgie Henley will you get a reply?

It depends on how busy she is with school or acting. I got a reply 3 times. I got 2 letters and 2 autographs.

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