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Q: Which kind of inclined plane pushes up more steeper or flatter what do you think causes this?
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Is A vibrating object pushes the molecules together and causes an area of compression?


What type of stress causes anticlines and synclines?

its the circulation of the rock and when it pushes together  

A vibrating object pushes the molecules together and causes an area of compression?


What simple machine on blade of electric fan?

fan blades are inclined to an angle of less than 90 degrees. When a fan motor turns the blades, the blades move through the air at an incline; the inclined surface passing through the air pushes the air forward, as the air is scooped up by the leading edge of the fan blade and set in motion as it passes over the surface.

Why do your car find it difficult while climbing the hills?

Any car that has to go uphill requires more effort than on a flat surface or downhill. Mainly because uphill is steeper (in an up direction) which also pushes against gravity.

Why do Heavy cars have better traction in snow than light cars?

because the weight of the car pushes down on the tire more making it wider giveing it more traction, also it works better if you have flatter tires.

What causes friction that opposes wind?

fluid friction or drag pushes the opposite direction the wnd is trying to flow.

Why do meteoroids disintegrate rather than fall to the earth?

Because there small and gravity of the earth pushes which causes it to go back

What happens to cause air to be exhaled from from the lungs?

the diaphragm relaxes and that causes the ribcage to compress (get smaller) this pushes air out, and you have exhailed

What are pushing and pulling examples of?

Examples of pushes and pulls are the six different types of simple machines. These are: 1. inclined plane 2. pulleys 3. screw 4. wedge 5. wheel & axle 6. lever

How do wind farms get electricity online?

the wind pushes the turbine which is like a reversed electric engine and causes electricity and gets to wires

When an object vibrates it pushes the air around it whch causes the air to alternately bunch up what is it called?

please help mee