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The kingdom of protists has both heterotrophs, autotrophs, and uni/multicellular organisms.

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The Fungi kingdom includes multicellular heterotrophic organisms.

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Animalia and Fungi .

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Q: Which kingdom includes autotrophic and heterotrophic unicellular and multicellular organisms?
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What is the term with the appropriate definition?

Unicellular, no nucleus visible, bacteria :Monera , unicellular organisms, eukaryotic, amoeba :Protista , Motile, heterotrophic, multicellular, cat :Animalia , Sessile, autotrophic, multicellular, rose :Plantae

Is proteobacteria Autotrophic or Heterotrophic?

Prokaryotic organisms can be both heterotrophic or autotrophic.

Are fungi autotrophic?

No, fungi are heterotrophic organisms.

Did unicellular or multicellular organisms evolve first?

Unicellular organisms evolved first; and from them evolved the multicellular organisms. But that leads onto another question as to why multicellular organisms evolved.

Are cows unicellular or multicellular?

Cows are Multicellular organisms. Hope you Like it!.

What are the characteristics of Monera?

Monerans are unicellular microorganisms. These prokaryotic organisms do not have a nucleus nor organelles in their cytoplasm. Some are autotrophic, while others are heterotrophic.

Objective of unicellular and multicellular organism?

to classify unicellular and multicellular organisms.

Is a boa constrictor multicellular or unicellular?

It is multicellular. Unicellular organisms are too small to see.

3 Differences between unicellular and multicellular organisms?

Three differences between unicellular and multicellular organisms is that unicellular organisms are microscopic and can live in extreme temperatures. Multicellular organisms are much larger and have systems and organs.

What is something that heterotrophic organisms do?

Heterotrophic organisms cannot synthesise their own food.They are dependent on autotrophic organisms(i.e. plants)for their food

Is a Maple Tree considered a unicellular or multicellular?

Yes. Trees are Multicellular organisms Hope you Like it!

Are unicellular organisms autotrophic or hetetrotrophic?