Which language is closer to English. Dutch or German?

All three languages; English, German, and Dutch are West Germanic languages. All three are related . But, Dutch is the closer than German.

For example:

English- I baked these tomatoes and croissants to give to our neighbors.

Dutch (Nederlands)- Ik gebakken deze tomaten en croissants te geven aan onze buren.

German (Deutsch)- Ich backte diese Tomaten und Croissants, um unseren Nachbarn zu geben.

There are however, exceptions. The Dutch g sounds like a harsh kh, while the German g and English g are practically the same. Both Dutch and English use more loanwords than German (Dutch uses more romance loanwords than German, and less romance loanwords than English).

In German, you may see the ß (ss), ü, ö, and ä. In Dutch there is an occasional é and ё, but the only recurring challenge is the ij (AY), which more or less represents y (or i).

On an added note, I would not say that Frisian is closer to English because Frisian is a whole branch of languages! You have West Frisian and additional languages in the same subfamily, North Frisian and additional languages in the same subfamily. East Frisian, etc.

In conclusion, Dutch is closer to English than German.