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Water, because it is polar, similar to most ionic compounds.

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Q: Which liquid solvents are best for dissolving ionic compounds and why?
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Which liquid solvents is best for dissolving ionic compounds?

Water; it is polar

Which of the following liquid solvents is best for dissolving ionic compounds?

Water; it is polar.

Which liquid solvents is best for dissolving ionic compounds and why?

Study Island answer: Water; its polar

What solvent does not dissolve ionic compounds?

Organic solvents, which are non-polar cannot dissolve polar compounds, such as ionic compounds.

What cations always form soluble compounds?

Cations don't always form soluble compounds. In general, ionic compounds are soluble in very polar solvents such as water and insoluble in nonpolar solvents because the charged ions can be solvated only by polar solvents. Some ionic compounds are insoluble even in water, however.

Why are ionic compounds insoluble in organic compounds?

It isn't strictly true, but generally ionic compounds are not highly soluble in organic solvents because ionic compounds need a highly polar solvent to dissolve well (such as water) and in general organic compounds are not as polar as water. Remember, like dissolves like. However, many ionic compounds are very soluble in a variety of organic solvents, just not as much as in water.

What makes ionic liquid ionic liquid?

compounds in the liquid separate into positive and negative charged ions.

How do solvents dissolve ionic compounds?

the only polar solvents dissolve the ionic compound the poles of solvent molecules attract the ions of opposite charge and make them separate from each other.

Why are alcohols soluble in polar solvents while hydrocarbons are not?

Ionic compounds (like alcohols) are soluble only in polar solvents (eg. water).

Why do ionic compounds do not dissolve in organic solvent?

The typical rule for dissolving substances in one another is that substances most readily dissolve other substances with similar bonds. Alkanes are nonpolar because they have mostly nonpolar bonds. On the other hand, ionic compounds have ionic bonds, which are extremely polar. Therefore, because the difference in bond type, ionic compounds do not dissolve in any alkane.

Is ionic compounds polar or non-polar?

Ionic compounds generally are more soluble in polar solvents than in non-polar. Strictly polar compound is a term applied to compounds with a polar covalent bond

Why ionic compounds are not soluble in non aqueous solution like petrol?

Like dissolves like. Ionic compounds are polar and are generally insoluble in non-polar solvents like petrol.