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In theory there is no difference in efficiency (it would be 1), but in practice I think a block and tackle would lose more force to friction in the pulleys and between the rope and pulleys.

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Is block and tackle a simple machine?

No. A pulley is a simple machine. A block and tackle is a "complex" machine, because it's made of several simple machines.

If a block and tackle is a simple machine What mechanical advantage does it give the user and what does the user have to give up in exchange?

The mechanical advantage is that the force applied increases but that is compensated by the fact that the rope or chain needs to be moved through a greater distance.

Why is the block and tackle pulley not a simple machine?

its a simple machine as in easy puller

Which of the following is NOT considered a simple machine a lever b block and tackle c wheel and axle d electric motor?

An electric motor is not a simple machine, because it uses electric energy, which is not mechanical energy, which powers simple machines.

Mechanical advantage of the block and tackle?

Equal to the number of cords supporting the weight.

What machine uses a pulley?

A block and tackle. an ellevator, a winch,

What type of simple machine is a block and tackle?

I know for a fact that the answer is a pulley.

What is a block and tackle used for?

Block and tackle refers to a rope threaded through a series of pulleys to provide mechanical advantage, and it is used to lift heavy objects,

Why is Alan Page famous?

because he was the greatest Defensive Tackle of all time

What is the advantage of a pulley?

Of a single pulley wheel, only that it changes the direction of the force ie: from overhead. > On a block and tackle system, 2 or more pulley wheels are used in a certain way to produce mechanical advantage. The simplest type of block and tackle offers a mechanical advantage of 2

Examples of pulley in simple machine?

fixed pulley,moveable pulley and block-and tackle pulley

What is the function of a block and tackle?

A block and tackle consists of a system of pulleys with a rope and hook. It is a simple machine which lets you lift a heavy weight more easily. We say it gives you a mechanical advantage,or that it is a force multiplier because it lets you trade a large distance by which you pull the rope using a small effort for a small distance lifting the heavy weight. An example is an engine hoist.

How good was Deion Sanders?

Greatest cover corner ever. Excellent returner. Scared to tackle

How is a block and tackle is used today?

The block and tackle is still used in the manner it has always been used, to gain a mechanical advantage in lifting or pulling objects. It is used extensively aboard ships today. I used them in the Navy. I have also used the block and tackle on construction jobs when rigging heavy loads to move them. The block and tackle is very handy when there is no source of electric power available and in remote locations.

Who sacked Brett Favre the most?

John Randle 11.5 The greatest Defensive Tackle of all time (After Alan Page)

What side of the football does a tackle?

A football does not tackle at all, the teams tackle.

Why is the tackle on the offensive line called a tackle?

because they gone knock you out with a tackle

Does the Okuma Tackle Backpack come with tackle?

No it doesn't come with the tackle but it has compartments for it.

What are the best tackle shops in Fort Lauderdale?

There are many tackle shops in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Such tackle shops include LMR Custom Rods & Tackle, T & R Tackle Shop, and Competition Bait Tackle.

Is the mechanical advantage of a block and tackle equal to the number of robes used to raise the object?

No, the costume that you wear has no effect on the mechanical advantage. The word is "ropes" and the answer is "yes", it equals the number of ropes carrying the weight. Easily proved by working out the tension in the rope.

Who holds us patent four?

US patent 4 was awarded to Thomas Blanchard in 1836, for a machine to round the ends of tackle blocks.

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