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Here are some mammals with 5-letter names:

  • horse
  • hyena
  • llama
  • tiger
  • whale
  • zebra
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Q: Which mammals have 5 letter names?
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Which mammals have 5 letters?

I can think several mammals with five letter names. These would include the otter, the horse and the sheep.

What are mammals names that begin with the letter A?

· antelope

What are the 5 letter mammals?


What sea mammals names begin with letter 's'?

Seal, sealion

What mammals names start with w?

Whales and walruses are two animals with names starting with the letter W.

A mammals that has 5 letter than end with a?


What are the names of the young of mammals?

Many mammals have specific names for their young; the platypus does not.

What Are the scientific names of the 5 animal classes?

mammals, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians

Names of 5 multicellular animals and plants?

Mammals, plants, almost anything that is living.

What are the names of some cold blooded mammals?

There are no cold blooded mammals.

What are the names of six mammals?

lion tigers are mammals

What are some mammals that names begin with n?

Newfoundland and Norfolk terrier dogs and Narwhale whale are mammals. They begin with the letter n.

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There are no pavilions in Epcot that have names beginning with the letter U.

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What are the 5 mammals?

There are hundreds of mammals, not just 5.

What are names of vertabrates?


What stinky animals have 5 letter names?


Which islands have 5 letter names?

Aruba, Haiti,

Cat is to Dog as Peach is to?

Cat is to Dog (3-letter animal names) as Peach is to Apple (5-letter fruit names).

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Three U.S. states have five letter names. The states are Idaho, Maine and Texas.

What are some names of mammals?

Some names of mammals are: Humans,Whales,Manatees,Pandas,and much more. You can also look on different websites. (also house pets are mammals, not fish)

What are some mammals that begin with the letter Q?

Quagga and quokka are two. There really aren't that many mammals whose common names start with the letter Q.The Quagga, an extinct type of zebra which looks like a cross between a zebra and a horse.

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Maroon 5

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What are some 5 letter feline animal names?


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