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Q: Which man organized the plan to kill Lincoln?
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Which man organized the plan to kill President Lincoln?

john wilkes booth

Which man organized plan to kill Lincoln?

Washington DC based actor, John Wilkes Booth headed a conspiracy that had first planned to kidnap President Lincoln. Later after Robert E. Lee's surrender, Booth changed his plans from a kidnapping to an assassination of President Lincoln. His co-conspirators were to kill the Secretary of State and the Secretary of War. Only Booth was successful. He was soon hunted down and was killed in Maryland.

Did Abraham Lincoln kill a man at the age of 17?


Why did Lincoln kill John Wilkes Booth?

He was against Lincon abolishing slavery, he was a confused man.

Did Andrew Johnson shoot Abraham Lincoln?

No, it was John Wilkes Booth who shot Lincoln.

Was Andrew Johnson associated with the murder of Lincoln?

He was not at all connected to the murderers, but the plot to kill Lincoln also included the killing of Andrew Johnson, but the man who was supposed to kill Johnson had second thoughts and did not carry out his assignment.

Who was the man stabbed during the Lincoln assassination?

The man was abrahams gaurd, gaurding the lower floor of the theater, he tried to kill booth but failed, he died later from his wounds.

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What is the relegion of Abraham Lincoln?

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