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Q: Which map projection do you think someone from South America would prefer?
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What map projection makes Greenland look almost as big as south America?

Many will, the Mercator projection is probably the best known.

What is the continent of the latitude 15s and longitude of 60w?

South America

How do you travel to America?

There is only one way to travel to south America from other countries, that is Flight. Generally, people prefer cheap flights to travel South America.

What continent would a South American come from?

Someone from South America would come from the continent South America. There are two continents by the name America, north America and south America.

What are shown as straight lines on a Mercator projection called?

The parallels of latitude and the meridians of longitude are all straight lines on the Mercator projection. That's why Greenland looks bigger than South America.

Can someone tell me about south America?

Yes, yes someone can.

What view of the earth does global Projection show?

A Global Projection map only show the side of the globe that you are looking at. So it could be showing Europe, or India, or Australia, or South America. It's as if you are looking at a fixed globe.

What is projection has parallel latitude lines and parallel longitude lines?

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Is America nice?

Define America? You mean USA or the whole continent? USA is awesome. Been there twice and loved it. The continent of America is cool. I prefer the north over the south.

Is South America is located south of the equator?

Leave answer body blank so someone can-North

Where is the equator in a polar projection?

A polar projection of the earth shows a pole (north or south, depending on the projection) at the center of a circular map. The equator is the circumference of the circle.

Where can one book a cruise to South America?

There are many ways to book a cruise to South America. Travel websites such as Expedia and Travelocity can help someone compare prices and book their perfect cruise to South America.